Snow Alert. Ski Bansko On Liberation Day Holiday

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Picture taken 25th February 2014. Snow arrives on 1st March 2014

The dump of the Bansko ski season is on its way. Snow will fall Friday and Saturday morning, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Monday 3rd March is a holiday in Bulgaria. It’s a day for Bulgarians to celebrate liberation from Ottoman rule in 1878.

And what a day it will be!

With the dump of the season. This will finally bring relief to the snow anxiety that has lingered much of this ski season.


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You see Baba Marta Day (Granny March) is the name of  the mythical figure who brings with her the end of the cold winter and the beginning of the spring. See Wikipedia link:

Piste map lens cloth


Looks like she got it wrong this year. It’s more like the start of winter. It will snow and I’ll forgive her for that error.

The tradition of giving friends red and white interwoven strings brings health and happiness during the year and is a reminder that spring is near.

Back to the snow…

Here’s what conditions looked like on Tuesday. They are still good, as temperatures have remained low overnight.

Snow road open.


How much snow will fall?

I am not making too bold a prediction yet. I’ll look again Saturday and what out for from GoPro on Sunday.


The Top 5 questions you ask me


1.   When will it snow?

Friday 28th February. You know that now. Will it snow when I arrive xxx (date). More than 5 days ahead is too unreliable for comment.


2.  Can I fit my equipment/pick up passes when I arrive in the afternoon before I start skiing?

Yes, shop open until 7pm


3.  What time foes the shop open and close ? 

Open 07:45. Close 19:00. This means you can beat the queue


4.  Can I leave my gear in the shop overnight?

Yes, in fact not only is there no charge for doing so, but your boots are put on cpecial warmers so they are dry overnight


5.  What is the difference between standard and VIP skis and snowboards?

VIP skis and snowboards are stiffer than normal and Advanced ski are stiffer still. The advantage of this is for getting better feel when learning to carve properly. Typically most intermediates are fine with standard.

However, as you start to learn carving the will need VIP skis. As you start to ski at higher speeds (and same for riders too) the skis will be more stable too. The skis, and snowboards flex less. The downside is a less forgiving ride.

Advanced skis are for strong intermediates who can descend a black run without too much worry. Standard skis and snowboards may be used comfortably for all ski levels, but I recommend VIP skis and boards for those looking to move up to the next level.


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If you’re coming to Bansko I recommend booking your ski hire, lessons and lift passes (6 day only) as soon as possible.

Not only will you save money, it will save you queuing and hasten the time it takes to get on those snow filled slopes.




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3 Responses to “Snow Alert. Ski Bansko On Liberation Day Holiday”

  1. Nick says:

    Thanks Lance, that’s great news on the snow front!

    We’re arriving Tuesday so looking forward to your next GoPro update to ramp up the excitement even more.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Alex says:


    As you probably know Horizon Festival starts on 8th March. How do u think the single gondola will cope will a few thousand festival goers? Will we need to get there early doors everyday?

    Good news on the impending dump!

    Cheers, Alex

    • Lance says:

      Hi Alex,

      Well if last year wan anything to go by there will not be a problem… Many looked rather pale as they stumbled to the gondola around 1pm. Most don’t go to bed till well past 3am

      Dump coming… a little delayed but it’s coming and its BIG. Best time of the season for powder will be Tuesday all week as the snow continues well into Tuesday.

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