Powder to the people; snow forecast

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Since my last GoPro video snow forecast I did mention I was feeling another onset of snow anxiety. The snow forecast is here. It’s been a busy week here.

There are many smiling faces; it’s been really nice for people to be warm and perfect for learning in the sun.

But the snow is worn and it’s clear from the web cams that we need things to change.

Picture taken 21st February 2014

Snow arrives Sunday and Monday + Wednesday

I look at the weather charts only and experience tells me that more than five days ahead is a waste of time. There are sometimes exceptions. Especially this year when the anticyclone sitting over the whole region looked stuck.

But now it is certain. Snow will fall early Sunday and continue and build through Monday. Temperatures will fall.

I can almost feel the collective sigh of relief.

Stay tuned on the live cams for all the snow action. After the white stuff falls, my GoPro comes out to look at the quality of snow and the general ski conditions.

My only concern right now is what will the temperature be. This determines whether the snow reaches the lower slopes, and Bansko town.

More snow will fall Wednesday. Next weekend is looking at improved conditions and I see this pattern continuing. But stay tuned, as my snow anxiety never seems to quite be cured!


Ski booking

I have to repeat what this year’s clients have been saying about the service.

From transfers to ski hire, lessons and pre pay lift passes (6 and 13 days), skiers and boarders are loving the amazing value and having the mix of equipment hire, lessons, passes and private transfers and car hire that you want.

It reminds me of why I started all this five years ago. To provide Bansko visitors a hire, lesson, lift pass and transfer experience at value for money prices. This season I see more people who are good skiers and are hiring the advanced skis. These are exactly the same ones I use every day. In powder  I use white dot freestyle skis. Again part of the great advanced ski range.

The powder will be here and I’ll be back on these babies.

I was very pleased to see the same British brand for our all mountain skis, White Dot, are being used by the British Team BG (cross) at the Sochi Olympics.

BTW This has been fabulous viewing — but frustrated that I have been too busy to watch many of the events but happy to see how the snow boarding and ski cross has developed for Sochi to be so visually exciting.

The Head super shapes the Rossignols. Stiffer, stable and speed and perfect for improving carving technique. Choose the VIP and advanced skis in the booking form. Swap for freestyle and all mountain skis as you wish and the snow dictates.

Same goes for the VIP snowboards. Most are brand new this season.

We open early 07:45 and close late 19:00. So you have time to pick your time to get to the gondola lift.


Free ski storage; Free boot drying

By booking here not only so you receive quality, mainly new ski equipment, you receive free equipments storage and free boot drying.

We want your energies saved for the piste, so being located just 50 metres from the gondola lift means you can walk in comfy shoes to the shop.

Full wax and edge service for just 23 leva.


Thank you for reading and watching. And here’s to new snow.



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10 Responses to “Powder to the people; snow forecast”

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Lance,
    That’s great news, I was starting to have snow anxiety myself!

    See you in a couple of weeks
    Paul & Nick

    p.s. ever thought of using a speel checker? lol!

  2. michelle says:

    Hi what’s the ski conditions like ??? We arrive 8th March 🙂

  3. Phil D says:

    White Trees…… ACE !

  4. Alan P says:

    Just got back from a week in the sun with family and friends…. the skiing was not too bad considering. Due back out on the 5th March with some buddies and will have no hesitation using Bansko Blog to book our kit. Have been using your services for the past 3 years and has always been easy, straight forward and possibly the best prices in Bansko. Thanks Lance…. keep up the great work !

    • Lance says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thank you for your kind message… more like a testimonial :). Booking here helps me bring info and continue to maintain and develop the Bansko App — which is still a free download for iOS and Android mobile devices. See you on the 5th.

  5. Name says:

    Hey Lance,

    You mention on the recent Snow Forecast Vid that Saturday will be a Holiday and therefore busy. Can you confirm that this is Sat and Sun only please?



  6. Richard Best says:

    Hi Lance

    We have booked skis with you and arrive 5 March. Can you briefly tell me the basic difference in quality between standard and VIP/Advanced skis? I would say I am an intermediate skier and have never had any issues with standard skis hired via you in the past although at times they have seemed a bit worse for wear. Is it really worth upgrading?

    • Lance says:

      Hi Richard, Thank you for your question. Whilst we have subsequently chatted online, I will answer for the rest. It’s in the FAQ’s ;)… but I know it is a popular question. VIP skis are stiffer than normal and Advanced ski are stiffer still. The advantage of this is for getting better feel when learning to carve properly. Typically most intermediates are fine with standard.

      However, as they start to learn carving the will need VIP skis. As you start to ski at higher speeds (and same for riders too) the skis will be more stable too. The skis (and board) flex less. The downside is a less forgiving ride. Advanced skis are for strong intermediates who can descend a black run without too much worry.

      I hope this helps.

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