Snow report; getting back on track

Jan 20, 2014 13 Comments by

Banderitsa 1 chair lift. Picture taken 19th January 2014

The Bansko snow forecast is good. Whilst the snow last week helped, it was not enough to properly cover the slopes not covered by snow cannon.

The good news is that Banderitsa 1 lift is now operational. This lift relieves pressure on the six person chair and opens up the Balkaniada piste. This slope was skiing well, once the initial hard packed surface broke up. All helped by the temperatures rising in late morning.

In last week’s blog, I talked of the ski conditions. So much better than any snow depth statistics would have you believe.

I’ve been getting out for morning sessions and that have been a pleasure. Mainly clear skies and bright sunshine. Many happy faces, in spite of restricted skiing on snow made by the snow cannon.

And here’s the thing.

I’ve been using the Bansko App to measure my total distance for the day, as well as top speed, and I have not exceeded yet 30km in one day. So whilst a bit more variety would be more than welcome, it illustrates the fact most people, including me, do not ski everything on this mountain in one day.


Snow forecast

It’s all change. Weather fronts are moving over.

Whilst there will be a temporary problem with high temperatures today and Tuesday, we’ll see by Friday this changing to colder times.

Low pressure systems will be moving across depositing sparkling white flakes higher up and rain in town. Friday 24th is looking good and most likely Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th too will see snow fall. The rain in town turning into snow. More on this when we get to Friday.

As always, all the info is in Bansko App to keep updates on the cams, blog, lift and piste opening. Click here to subscribe to Bansko YouTube Channel for latest snow reports.


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Tips of the day

  • Enjoy a little luxury VIP Room at Bunderishka Poliana is winning new friends. Wear their slippers whilst your boots are being heated  and enjoy proper Italian cuisine.
  • Mind The Step curry restaurant receiving glowing reports. It’s at the Dream hotel. Go to the Bansko App for directions.
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13 Responses to “Snow report; getting back on track”

  1. Stuart says:

    That is good news about the weather. We are out this Friday and just cannot wait.
    The thought of snow on the way will make this last week t work more bearable.
    Thanks for the updates.

    • Lance says:

      Hi Stuart, Snowing up higher as I type this. Watch out for our geek session at Penguins, between 5pm and 7pm Saturday. 10% off everything. Everyone coming along wand who gives us feedback on the app gets a free piste lens wipe. Watch out for more on this soon.

  2. Alistair says:

    That’s great news, we fly on Saturday and can’t wait. Hopefully we’ll get a great weeks ski in Bansko. Thanks for all the updates Lance.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi, glad the snow is coming!! Another few weeks until we’re out there (Feb 1/2 term).

    Great site and love the app that I’ve just downloaded. Will use it to monitor snow forecast (obsessively) until we’re there!


  4. Stuart says:

    Hi Lance,
    Whats the update on the snow dude? It firecast snow yesterday,,,,did it actually dump and if so has it made any difference to the slops. Only got one week of this year and out there saturday…just praying and snow dancing for some white stuff.
    cheers and good work with the updates

  5. Adam m says:

    Hi lance what’s happening with the top as it seams to have plenty of snow now but not open? We get there on the 30th for 4 days on the mountain can’t wait!

    • Lance says:

      Hi Adam,

      Good question.

      It does need some more before it opens. It is a rocky area with a very this soil covering, at best. With the snow forecast looking very good and temperatures dropping as I type this, you will be timing it well to come to Bansko. Wishing you a great trip.

  6. Sandra says:

    Is info about open slopes on right?
    I found some opposite information, by according this info just 6 slopes are opened

    • Lance says:

      sounds about right. 40% of the area. More will open soon with the fresh snowfall last night and tonight.

      • Phil D says:

        Hi Lance. Just viewed your report of today. Its great to see that Bansko is now starting to receive its due share of snow. Sam, Romey and I Look forward to meeting up with you during the kids half-term week maybe for a lounge in the VIP room! ? The beer ad soup is on me! Until then ill do a snow dance. . . Phil.

  7. jayne says:

    hi coming out feb 8th will the snow be good? cant wait

  8. jayne says:

    hi its about 8 years since been skiing, do we need to bring passport size photos for lift pass or is it more advanced technology! thanks

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