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Phil; a happy guest snow reporter

I recently took a look at five ways to enjoy Bansko when 50% of the lifts are closed. After Sunday, and several fine mornings out on the piste, I realised why I was enjoying it all so much.

The sunshine.

Tomba piste

Picture taken 12th January 2014


What makes us happy

The current lack of real snow has its upside.

And it’s the sun. It’s boosting the mood; especially for those from place from where storms and floods have been causing so much hardship.

Cheerful faces are to be seen on the terraces at Euphoria Bar & Grill and many other bars and restaurants. In fact, anywhere that catches the afternoon light is the place to be, in town and on the pistes.

It made me think of how you have to make the most of what you have right now — not to spend times wishing for something else. It was a “living for the moment” type of epiphany for me. With family and friends scattered in groups I could see that a good time is much more than x number of centimetres of fresh powder.

So I’ve set out to show readers exactly what I find by taking doing this video report. You make up your mind in what appears to be no snow conditions.

Video from Sunday 12th January 2014


My thanks to Phil for his report. Phil is a friend, and a Bansko regular. Like many in town, they, like me, are determined to make the best of it.


Snow forecast for this week

Don’t get me wrong, I know the feeling all too well. Whilst working in my banking career, I remember this time of year itching to get to the images in my mind. Highly filtered imaginings of metres high snow and snow topped huts is what we so much looked forward to.

This is the time of year we always used to go somewhere, Chamonix being a favourite. A group of friends gathering stories recounted on reunions for many years. There was a popular expression that comes to mind;

Rather a bad day on the slopes than a good day in the office“. It’s on these snow sparse days I think how true this is. How ironic my office comes with me to the slopes, thanks to WiFi and a mobile.

Bansko App's distance & speed function "My Stats"

But it’s a yearning to be away from the office, the spreadsheets, the commute is what I can still feel. And it’s the thought of a perfect day in the mountains that keeps me motivated for all this blog and still keeps me looking at forecasts and most of all to take a morning’s ski out on the slopes.

I almost forgot how much we need it.

The real stuff, that is.

Quite a few hopes have been pinned on Wednesday evening / Thursday, as a weather depression moves across the region.

So just to be clear — 50% of lifts open. As I type, snow cannon still working at night. I’m hoping they don’t run out of water.

I’m hoping they don’t run out of water.

Anyhow, the weather front looks as if this will bring precipitation, but what’s not yet clear is at what height this will fall as snow. I suspect snow higher up and rain in town. Latest weather news and snow reports on twitter @bansko and FB.


“My Stats” speed tracker

I’ve had fun comparing distance and speed with friends. We’ve made this a one button feature. Start and Stop so great for all ages to use (iphone only)

You’ll find it locate bottom left on the Bansko App (Apple iphone users only for now).


It’s only lunch

The food choice in Bansko gets better and better. Special mention to the VIP Room and 180 restaurant on the slope above Shiligarnika. Higher prices, but, in the case of the VIP Room, where else can you go that you take off your boots put then in a drier, put slippers on to have lunch? Then returning to warm boots is a joy.

It’s not only lunch… it’s the highlight of the day!

Bansko App; rate and reviews

Other places that I have tried and enjoyed so far tis season are Boulevard, Steak House Lazur, The Log House, Penguins and Chateau Antique. Lions pub mixed grill was a hit with dome friends recently and the vegetarian pasta was really good. Penguins popular as ever too and hear great reports.

There are lots of traditional mehanas to try, but be warned when asking a waiter/waitress for a recommendation… you may end up paying dearly if you don’t ask the price. Don’t forget curry Thursdays at Avalon hotel and every day at Mind The Step (between 6 pm and 7 pm there’s 20% discount off your meal (food only) Both curry places will not disappoint.

All these places and all the special offers are listed in the Bansko App.


Thank you for reading and watching.


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4 Responses to “Snow forecast”

  1. Phil D says:

    Looks like some great snowfall overnight – Wish I was there!
    Hopefully the white stuff will keep coming!!…..

  2. Neil says:

    Hi Lance,

    Just wondered as we are out next week how many runs are actually open. The App says 5 but people are saying that half of all runs are open???

    Cheers and lookforward to seeing you all soon

  3. Andy P says:

    I live here full time and Lance you nailed this, sun dosn’t matter where you are across the globe = happy faces. Great to see the snow came and more coming early next week so even bigger smiles………..

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