Five ways to enjoy Bansko’s skiing with 50% open

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Beginners lift Bansko

Gondola lift area: Picture take 4th January 2014

The latest Bansko video snow forecast and report is here. With fewer people in Bansko than a normal New Year, there have been, nonetheless, very crowded pistes.


UPDATE; New video from Sunday 12th January 2014

When the snow conditions are relying on snow cannon snow. When you see the snow is not as hoped for. When you’ve got a dose of snow anxiety. Then read on for my guide on how to enjoy these Bansko days.


1.  Get out of bed 

I have enjoyed some genuinely really nice piste conditions first thing. That means getting up and being at the gondola for around 08:15.

So get out of bed early. Be sure to leave time for breakfast. Fuelling up for the next three hours in crucial to having fun.

"My Stats" in Bansko App


2.  Turn on your “My Stats” speed tracker

You’re going to have plenty of time to brag how much skiing/riding you did. And fun comparing your top speed with all your facebook friends.

So turn this on.

You’ll find it locate bottom left on the Bansko App (Apple iphone users only for now).


3.  Ski and ride hard

So you’re up early. There’s no time to lose (assuming you’re okay to ski/ride before your lesson). Turn left at top of 6 man chair. That;s a perfect blast down to Shiligarnika. Take four person chair up to Goat. Take number 5 down to hidden lift (four person chair).

Rinse and repeat till tired.


4.  Plan your lunch

Most mountain places are listed on the Bansko App (along with over sixty other restaurants). Plan to meet friends somewhere sunny. You’ll be having lunch early so grab (or book) the best place. Over lunch share on Facebook your “My Stats” total distance for the day and your top speed.

I’ll be picking, every Thursday a totally random winner by checking Facebook posts using #Bansko tag. The lucky chosen person gets a 50 lev credit to spend on a meal for two at (for January) the Queen’s Pub.


5.  Adjust your attitude

Weather is weather. Make the most of amazing scenery, friends, family. The views are made more impressive when the sun starts to dip at around 16:45 and the red light is cast upon Vihren high above.

Be happy, we’re all lucky to be able to appreciate the Pirin.

Bansko App reviews

Latest Bansko App reviews

If you’ve come from Northern Europe’s flooding then this sunshine gives a mood boost as good as any fresh pow (snow).

and finally…

… spread good cheer and a positive holiday outlook by sharing this attitude with your ski and snowboarding friends. Let no one deter your fun in Bansko over the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading and watching.


Tips of the day

  • Use the App to show you the exact location of all the main places in Bansko.
  • Use the App to book the best restaurant table by emailing or calling the venue.
  • Use the App to discover new restaurants, bars, and night clubs.
  • Use the App for location of ATM’s, pharmacies and medical centres.
  • Use the App to measure your ski | boarding distance and speed.
  • Use the App to see live lift and piste opening information.
  • Use the App for latest offers in town.
  • Use the App for a piste map and a town map.
  • Use the App to give directions to places.
  • Use the App to book a private transfer.
  • Free large piste map lens cloth cleaner for all bookings online on (worth €5).
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26 Responses to “Five ways to enjoy Bansko’s skiing with 50% open”

  1. Richard says:

    Most useful Lance. Getting up early no matter what time one went to bed is essential. I would like to add having a well earned lunch in the VIP lounge followed by a few drinks in the Peshterite down the ski road.

    • Lance says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you. That sounds like a perfect ski plan. VIP Room is nigh on perfect. I may add that all those mountain places and virtually every other place you can think of are listed in the Bansko App (for iOS Apple and Android mobile devices). And should you rent skis through Bansko Blog you needn’t rush your dinner at the Peshterite. You can ski down the floodlit snow road and still find the skimania ski shop open at 19:00.

  2. Victoria Hughes says:

    We have just returned from a fabulous 4 days skiing in Bansko – our second New Year visit and even though the amount of snow was disappointing it certainly didn’t dampen our holiday too much! As the snow is a little thin on the ground we made sure we were down at the gondola station before 8:30 every morning to take advantage of the quiet slopes in the mornings. After 11:30 it started to become noticeably busier and so we stopped for early lunch. We really enjoyed both the food, the hospitality and the array of animals (kitten and friendly dogs) at Blah Blah’s.
    Apres Skiing started a little earlier than usual so we returned to the apartment around 2:30 most days and had a little snooze before having a few beers on several nights at the Happy End (just by the gondola) which had great live music. Finally, we spent a very memorable New Years eve at Victoria’s restaurant where we were thoroughly spoilt and the kids aged 8 and 10 had a great time!
    Also, I almost forgot to mention our car transfers from the airport, ski hire and lessons for the kiddies (Skimania) were all done through Lance and everything was faultless. We are already planning on returning next New Year – snow or not!

    • Lance says:

      Hi Victoria,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am also delighted that you found all our services “faultless”.

      I am glad too that the busy period did not dampen your holiday pleasure; and so good to have my someone back up my tips to enjoying this period. I hope you return for the coming New Year. Too early to plan? No, in fact it is a proven mood booster to plan holidays far ahead. So this is also a great way to beat the New Year’s blues….

  3. Sally Lloyd says:

    Hi lance we recently returned from Bansko we used your tips to get to the gondola early and enjoy the slopes, I would also like to say how brilliant the medical centre at the gondola was as I broke both my wrists while snowboarding, they provided an excellent service.

  4. Phil D says:

    Hey Lance.

    ‘Snow Anxiety’ indeed! I’m due out this saturday for a few days and it looks like ill be spending equal measures (in time and beer) both on the Piste and in the bars, unless things change weather-wise this week!

    I remain glued to the ‘Blog’ for your up-to-date report this week with fingers crossed…..

    Happy new Year!!!

    Phil D.

  5. Darren says:

    Phil, I’m here now, we’ve spent all day on the slopes… It’s fine

    • Lee says:

      Hi Darren I am flying out Tuesday 14th until Sunday 19th and am hoping for snow either before or during my stay. Exactly which run numbers are open, this is my 3rd visit so am hoping
      for most of them?

  6. Lee Wilson says:

    Found the slopes in reasonably good condition despite the lack of snow. It does get busy and you do have to have your wares about you.
    Après ski is great too. My first time here in winter and not one bit disappointed.

  7. Phil D says:

    Thanks Darren, just what I wanted to hear!,

  8. Ted K. says:

    Thanks guys for the update, me and my wife are scheduled to arrive at Bansko on January 15th, we hope to find the slopes in good condition, despite the lack of new snow! Lance keep on the good work, nice blog!

  9. Francis says:

    I’m heading out for the last week of Jan, hope there’s a decent snow dump before then!

  10. Sam says:

    Waiting for you to say a foot of snow incoming Saturday night 🙂

  11. Sam says:

    The snow forecast I have just seen predicts a small amount of snow on Monday and Tuesday followed by 10cm on Wednesday 🙂
    It will be first ski/snowboard trip for my wife and I so hoping for some good conditions to keep us coming back for more.

  12. Roy Stephens says:

    heres proof that theres still good fun on the piste to be had

    still four more days here

  13. IanD says:

    We are arriving on 18 th for weeks boarding on my new K2 Raygun so snow please snow as do not want scratches and chunks being left on the mountain .

  14. Ted K. says:

    I’ve also read on this site

    that next week there will be a lot of new snow (almost 37cm on January 13th-17th), let’s keep fingers crossed!

  15. Sam says:

    @ Ted K.

    Following your onthesnow link it states only snow is 7cm on the 15th & 16th but that’s at the summit.

    Correct me if i’m wrong ofcourse.

  16. Sam says:

    I should have been clearer 7cm on each of those 2 days.

  17. Ted K. says:


    Yeah, you are right, the website is being updated twice daily, so the displayed info changes regularly: now the snowfall amounts a total of 7+7 cm. If you ask me , i prefer more snow at the summit so that they may decide to open Todorka!

  18. Phil D says:

    had a great morning skiing the available runs with Lance today – its not perfect but the runs were good and became better as the morning went on.
    Piste bashers doing a great job.
    so, at the moment all is ok!

  19. Neil Barr says:

    Any News if Snow due this week coming??? The forecast is now for Rain 🙁 ……. How many of the Runs are actually open as the App is only showing 5 that are open for skiing!!!!

  20. Sam says:

    A little crowded on beginner slopes. Mainly ski slope is a big queue and some dodgy areas but all in all the cannons are doing there job and having a great time ! P.s catching gondolas early is a must unless you skip the queue with your instructor.

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