Millionaires skiing and New Year snow forecast

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Snow Road 22nd December 2013

Bansko Snow Road: 22nd December 2013

Suffering from snow anxiety? Worry no more about Bansko snow for the New Year.

There is good snow from the snow cannon in Bansko and the skiing has been good. But 50% of runs are not open — yet.

I’ve been experiencing millionaires skiing, as many have stayed away. Thank you!

Video report from today’s outing on the hill tells the snow story for the next few days:

New Year snow forecast

Watch the video for what is was like today, 22nd December.

Fresh snow falls evening of 25th and intensifies through 26th and reaches its glorious peak on 27th December. in time for New Year visitors. Nothing is ever guaranteed with weather and of course things can change. I’ll post on the social media as we get close.

So I think things will be better. It looks like the upper part of the tomba will open soon, but the fresh snow will transform conditions and give us all what we want.


New Year at Riverside restaurant at The Mall

The view of the fireworks will be stunning from top of the Mall. Tubs, the British owner, says 75 leva for New Year meal.

Reservations essential:  +359 894 374 680


Tip of the day

  • Lift pass prices have gone up where we did not expevt them to. Click here for lift pass prices. This makes prebooking your ski package here on even better value. Click here for booking.
  • Check out Penguins live band. Excellent + The Lizard is back again at Harry’s bar. YES, this is the best ski season for music as we have the top guitarist now at Boulevard Bar Grill and Beer.


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20 Responses to “Millionaires skiing and New Year snow forecast”

  1. Lee Wilson says:

    Great news. I fly out with friends on the 5th Jan. Hopefully to some fresh powder and more slopes open.
    Thanks for the updates!

    • Lance says:

      Thank for stopping by Lee. Glad you like the updates… but I got this last one a bit wrong. Looking like just some snow on Friday. But I’ll do another report then. Happy Christmas.

  2. Victoria Hughes says:

    Oh no! I just watched your video and got all excited! We arrive on Saturday with 2 kiddies what are the conditions like for them as they are beginners?

    • Lance says:

      Hi Victoria, Conditions are not perfect … but absolutely fine for beginners. I go up and do a snow report in the morning. So watch out for that ..

      PS Thank you for commenting on Bansko Blog

  3. Tom Bray says:

    Hi Lance,

    Just a quick note to say thank you for a fantastic website, blog and app. We arrive on the 4th. Whilst conditions aren’t perfect, your blog has soothed my fears that it’s almost impossible to ski. Therefore thank you again, as I feel you should know!

    • Lance says:

      Hi Tom, your kind comments are truly appreciated as there is a lot to work on to bring both blog and app to it’s current stage. The blog is five years old and the app is nearly two years old. So lots to do and improve. Your comment on the app in either the Google Play / iOS App store makes a huge difference because it helps keep download rate high and keep advertisers happy. So please rate and review. Thank you so much.

  4. tom says:

    Hi Lance,

    great website and blog!

    hows the snow on the top of the hills? and some of the more advanced runs?

    we are flying out on Saturday, fingers crossed for more snow during the week.



  5. Darren says:

    Arriving there on the 4th jan -any predictions? I’m bothered it’s going to be a snowless break

  6. Russell says:

    Like your report. Arriving late Saturday 28th. Hope your forecast comes true.


    • Lance says:

      mmm may have misjudged temperatures… it’s more like rain… sadly warmer than i thought — snow higher up though right now. Not the best snow forecast.

  7. Bogdan says:

    Also arriving late 28th… I am so sad because of the weather.
    How is the ski road back to the gondola? Is it going to last after these rains?

    Also, what do you recommend as a backup plan? Is there anything we can do for one week in bansko? Besides slope 5 and 1? 🙁

    Are there any rocks on the slopes? Is there any risk of damaging the skies?

    Thank you!

  8. Darren says:

    Does this mean there’s going to b e a lack of snow for the 4th

  9. dave wills says:

    Hi Lance – does Harry’s bar have a happy hour?


  10. Terry says:

    Hello Lance,

    Good website and great app.

    Can we have an update on the snow situation please, we are due to come on the 11th and it’s not looking good at the minute?

    Does anyone else have some insight to the snow?


    • Lance says:

      Hi Terry, Conditions on New Tears’s Eve from my latest video blog: . I also post pictures to twitter @bansko. Freah snow 5th / 6th January – earlier than I forecast in video. PS Thank you for your super nice comments on the site and app. 🙂 Happy New Year.

  11. Darren says:

    Terry I’m checking on Instagram, looking for pictures with the hashtag bansko – I’ve been asking to photographers for conditions, all have said it’s not perfect, it it’s okay nearer the top….

    • Lance says:

      Hi Darren and Terry, Conditions on New Tears’s Eve from my latest video blog: . I also post pictures to twitter @bansko. Freah snow 5th / 6th January – earlier than I forecast in video.

    • Terry says:

      Hey Darran,

      Have you heard anymore, Im getting pretty worried as all the forecasts i have looked at say no snow 🙁

      Do you go on the 4th? Can you let know what you think. I have booked this for a group of us and gonna feel pretty bad if its no good!!


  12. Darren says:

    Snow forcast website suggested 10 cm on the 5th?

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