Review of the food and wine at the Premier Gastronomy Festival

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Coffee masterclass at the Premier Gastronomy Food Festival 8th November 2013

The Premier Gastronomy festival is going for its last third week. If you are thinking of Bansko this weekend then check out the Premier:

I never recommend anything that I do not enjoy myself and last weekend I sampled and I have to admit, probably over indulged in the festival. Foodies would like this. But those learning more about the art of food and drinks contributed to the pleasure.

Because along with top chefs, at the Premier Gastronomy Festival this weekend you can meet sommeliers, winemakers and food producers.

Creme Brulee at the Premier Gastronomy Festival, 8th November 2013


The first night’s dinner was the oriental menu prepared by chef Toni Ivanov.

  • Salad bouquet with grilled calamari
  • Marinated salmon with apple and radish confit, wasabi sauce
  • Curry cream with lemon grass and vegetable knedli
  • Chicken in green sauce with Basmati rice and raita
  • Green tea crème brulee

Each dish was paired with the most appropriate Bulgarian white wine for it. At first I have to say my heart sank a little when I saw the Domain Boyar brand.

But these feelings turned out to be misplaced.

Baccala with celery and tomato gazpacho. 9th November 2013

Each course was served up with its own white wine. So in the above order Elements Chardonnay, Next 20 Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, Elements ICE and Platinum Chardonnay with the creme brulee.

Generally, I find Domain Wines wines can be a little hit and miss these days. However, things seem to have changed on this showing, as they served up an the most impressive white wine selection I have tasted from one producer.

I will certainly be out finding a bottle of the Elements ICE to try with a spicy Thai curry. This wine had a wonderful lingering intensity and richness on the palate that could sit through the mild spiciness of the curry. The The Thai green curry deconstructed was a revelation and with the perfect wine combination put me in foodie heaven. It all helps make this Gastronomy Festival such a worthwhile event.

Trying not to get too carried away, I have come back to this article a week later and make this heartfelt statement…

This was the best meal I have ever had in Bansko; and in the top 3 ever in Bulgaria. .


Not the average cup of instant

After that fine dining affair came Latte Art: the art of coffee presentation, by Yordan Dubov (President of Association of Bulgarian Baristas). My fine coffee knowledge is limited to knowing that Kope Luwak  ( comes out of a rats arse. Interesting to see that Yordan makes great coffee using a simple filter process.

No fancy gear was in sight. And this confirms my feelings. That I have found good coffee often tastes great simply filtered — and good to see Yordan confirmed this with his demo.


A fusion sashimi. Partnered with the Elements ICE from Domaine Boyar.

Italian night

The live cooking demo by Procopio Gaetano (directly from Sicily) who later prepared the eight course Italian menu:

  • Aranchio with squid milk
  • Grouper; tomato emulsion; porcini with nuts
  • Tartar de cavalo
  • Fresh pasta with cauliflower puree
  • Baccala with celery and tomato gazpacho
  • Lamb fillet with onion crostata
  • Sicialian Granita
  • Memories of the Sicilian cassata

Each dish paired with the appropriate Italian wine

Pitos by Dragomir (Bulgaria) stood out as an excellent wine although the Italian wines from various regions were all good.

The wine seminar held before dinner was by Stefka Sveshtarova (President of Bulgarian Sommeliers & Wine Connoisseurs Association). Five wines from various countries all from the same Merlot grape.

All quite different.

The local producers of the super healthy and quite delicious Aronia went down well. And a surprising win for a company called Aliance, the Razlog caviar substitute producer. Sold in the UK as well as Bulgaria, this tasted great in mini pancake canopes.

After trip to the Bansko Sunday market to grab some fine fruit and vegetables we saw a fine end to the foodie fest.

NOTE: Premier Luxury Mountain Resort are a blog sponsor, and my visit was at their invitation. Check out their Tripadvisor reviews and this will confirm that in no way does this fact affect my judgement!


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