How new technology is transforming the Bansko App; part 2

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The Bansko App, v 1.3.0, is now released and I would love it if you downloaded it to take a look.

Apps offer a personal experience and, out of the many apps I have worked on, this is the one that is made for me. It now has more of what I want in a Bansko and ski app.

Whilst the app has received 250+ 5 star reviews, I felt that there is much more that I could do. So this upgrade is by far the biggest so far and incorporates new features that make the app more useful and more fun to use.

However, there is no change for changes sake, so the overall look and feel is for iOS 7 — but not a huge change to deal with.

Scan the QR code to download the Bansko App (it's free)

Scan in the QR code here to download (it’s free). The new Android version is under development, and will have similar updates to the Apple version.


New technology

I took a look at new technology, and its impact on this version of the Bansko App in part 1. You’ll see there the new “My stats” feature that allows you to record your top speed and total distance for the day. All with a chance of winning a prize.

Since then, I can now see the vision of the smart phone in our lives more clearly. I can see how it is becoming our personal router. Our phones will sit between some other sensor technology and our own personal cloud. Some of us will use wearable devices such a smart watches / fitbit / Nike fuel band / other sensors. Others won’t bother. I’m sure some will buy these devices for a fashion statement rather than for the the info they provide.

But there are two issues in the real world:

Cost and hassle factor.

In part 1 I expressed my view that some specialist ski sensor technology, such as Oaskly’s Rekon ski goggles with a headsup display, will not become mass market — $600 for a pair will see to that.

But the reality is that we have so much technology in the smart phone, that I find myself not wanting to carry around more tech that needs charging. If one device, our phone, and one ski app, can enhance my pleasure and safety on the mountain, then that is all I need.

My vision is to keep the user experience a really good one, to appeal to all the family and ages, all in one device, and in one app.


App screenshot Booking private WiFi transfers is now simple

Transfer booking in 60 seconds

One new feature is the transfer booking.

On the second page of the home screen is the transfer booking icon in the top left position.

The objective here was to offer the usual Bansko Blog transfer service for those who just need a transfer and not a ski hire/lessons/lift pass package. But it had to be be really super quick and easy to use. Many hours thinking about a design that achieved the objective of a transfer being able to be booked in just ninety seconds. See the video above.

But I’m very happy with the result. Booking is really quick and  it all takes place on one screen.

Watch the video to see how to book a return Bansko private transfer in less than a minute. It’s the same service as you book here on as one part of your ski hire, lessons, lift passes booking.

Take a look and see how not only is it easy to book, but the prices are low too.

Friendly service, on board WiFi and careful driving are all the same as before.

For full ski packages, that are made to provide exactly what you want, click here.


Tips of the day

  • Clocks go back tonight! Time to get booking your ski package and transfer
  • Gastronomy Fest at the Premier starts 1st November



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