International Jazz Fest — First night blues

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The Jazz Fest has started.

Bansko is already very busy. The atmosphere friendly and relaxed.

The warm summer evening adding to the attraction of this Jazz Fest 2013. One I’ll remember.

It’s all for free too. But mind you watch out for the paid parking charges. I saw the spider tow truck on its way to a job.

International Jazz Fest 2013, Bansko

Uroš Perić “Perry” with The Mambo Stars & Pearlettes (Slovenia / Serbia)

Assuming you arrive at the main square early, you can grab a free seat. Otherwise it’s standing room only.

But hey, this is all free… paid for by the municipality and the sponsors the International Jazz Fest in Bansko. All in all, they have managed to serve up one of the best first nights for a long while.

It’s appreciated by residents and visitors alike. It’s good for Bansko in the quieter summer months. Reflecting on all the people here for the Jazz Festival, I think here is a place that has loads more to offer than many realise.

It’s certainly not perfect though. Still poor pavements to trip on. Still some unsightly unfinished buildings that grate on the eyes.

Jazz Festival 2013 Uroš Perić “Perry” with The Mambo Stars & Pearlettes (Slovenia / Serbia)

Uroš Perić “Perry” with The Mambo Stars & Pearlettes (Slovenia / Serbia)

I digress… time to hike, mtb, go sightseeing, visit bear park etc — then watch the show at the main square. A good time to be here.

For the full Jazz Festival programme please click here

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The Good Beer Show, part 2, at Bansko Royal Towers. Mine’s a pint please.


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Warm weather set to continue throughout the weekend and into next week.



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