Snow and weather report

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Picture taken: 3rd March 2013

Three days of mainly beautiful sunshine. The sunny days will continue until Thursday.

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UPDATE: 60 second GoPro with Aly Ross — another fine sunny day:


Spring conditions now — so expect slush later on. But many of us here are really enjoying these fine days.  Take a look at the GoPro video report from Tim and friends who were out with me on Saturday.

Thank you guys — it was a lot of fun.

The sun is now getting high in sky. The days are longer. The snowfalls earlier in the week mean that the conditions will remain good, although conditions will be deteriorating in the afternoons.


Snow forecast

At the time of writing, there will ne bo snowfall until Saturday 9th March. By then the lowers pistes, at Chalin Valog, will be  worn as the high day time temperatures take their toll.


Tips of the day

Harry’s bar at 16:30 with the Lizard is always a good place to be

If you require medicines then the pharmacies are always helpful.

If you have the Bansko app then please rate and review it. Every one counts to help keep it free.

The Bansko 2013 12 page calendar is going down great. Be sure to make sure that you grab yours (free to all booking ski hire on








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