Snowmobiling action

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Snowmobiling in the Razlog valley

Snowmobiling is something I had never tried before. However, the offer from was a timely one, as I had already received some emails asking for skidoo trips. Whilst this is a sponsored post and video, I never recommend anything I have not experienced, and liked.

So, on arriving at Pirin Golf, I was picked up in 4×4 and taken along a rough track to the starting place.

The shiny new looking snowmobiles were waiting. A jolly group of people turned out to be from Malta.  Along with a father and son, from Russia, we were all new to the snowmobiling experience.

The affable Ognian explained how the snowmobiles worked. Two controls, throttle and brake.

The Yamaha Phazera and Skidoo brand snowmobiles were started up.

In a few moments the waiting was over. Ognian leads the way. Power on throttle… a bit jerky to start with – but after a few minutes we all got the hang of it.

Check out the GoPro video… If this looks like fun, then it I’m sure you too will enjoy it.


Diving in and out of trees, over great snow fields a feeling of wilderness could be sensed. Even a tinge of adventure.

After about 45 minutes we stopped, too some photos and then set off back.


All in all, the one and a half hours snowmobiling made a nice change from the slopes. Everything was intuitive, like the leaning into the turn to counteract the sideways forces. The brakes were also remarkably effective at stopping when an impending collision seemed possible. A lot safer than it sometimes looks.

In particular, I enjoyed the thrill of the bikes — but also getting close to this still undeveloped section of the Pirin mountain range. A nice variation from my normal winter ski routine.


NOTE: Always have comprehensive winter insurance. Read the small print carefully, You get what you pay for.
This operator may have finished this business. Contact us for an active snowmobiling company.




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