How my snow dreams are coming true

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Picture taken 10th February 2013 (today)

Snow, weather and the “pre ski trip snow anxiety syndrome” is everywhere I look. I know the feeling too well.

In previous years I used to organise an annual lads ski trip in January. The countdown to the trip was something that became more like an obsession, than a

Picture taken: 10th February 2013

minor distraction. In those days there was just email — more than enough it seemed.


Snow filled dreams turn to reality

All our snow dancing and snow dreaming has worked. If you are in Bansko now, you know. A fresh 20cm has fallen already.

More to come.

If not in Bansko, and you’re coming out in the next week, then you are lucky and are now set for fine conditions. Several powder days mean many happy turns in the deeper stuff.

Back country skiers will be happy.

But avalanche risk is still quite high so remember not to venture off piste unless you really know what you are doing.

Bansko has delivered with great aplomb. The longer days now, its light till 18:00, make it a wonderful time to be here.


Bansko ski porn

But why not turn that dream into reality?

A ski trip is something that takes on an importance like nothing else.

So when replying to tweets (@bansko) or on Bansko Blog Facebook Page, I relive that anticipation. These connections on social media (twitter, facebook, youtube, Google+, pinterest) help us a lot to express the excitement.

Hungry for “Bansko ski porn” — well you have great choice these days. Yes, I am passionate about skiing and you’ll see pictures of the slopes on social media. And it’s this passion that is what ultimately motivated me to start Bansko Blog. And finally able to say farewell to a corporate banking life.

Sitting in the office, reports to be done, excel spreadsheets by the dozen, meetings, travel etc. Banking and finance stuff.

If you’re surfing the net or at home planning your ski strip and thinking “why can’t I be there NOW?” Your thoughts turning to the enticing media images. The white powder snow, the comforting crunch of snow under foot, and feeling that ski resort “bubble”.

I know how you feel.

It’s all enough to remind me why so many people anticipate, and express, their excitement for their forthcoming ski trip on social media.


Picture taken: March 2012


Just do it

I am not alone of course, there are many others out here out for the season, or taking a mini retirement for the season. Some working, some funded by seasonal work elsewhere and some with full time working.

Living the dream, it’s great. It requires planning but is achievable for many. More people than ever seem to be finding a way to make it happen. Life is too short not to “just do it”.

But, then again, it took a fair amount of work to make it happen for me. This continues on a daily basis here. Some through the use of technology. Such as improving the way we book ski packages. Finding custom solutions by booking and paying for what you need…ski hire, lessons, lift passes or transfers.

Picture taken: 10th February 2013

This task still has further to go to make more intuitive but most people seem to be managing fine.  Then last year the Bansko town and piste map “by hand” concept was formed and it’s great to see so many around town being pulled out of pockets and examined.

The ski packages free Bansko calendar, by hand, kept me busy pre season, But most of all developing the Bansko app takes care of that “what do you do in summer?” question I so frequently am asked.

The ideas are forming into wireframe plans — which are the actual app screens. The Bansko App is set to be more inclusive, useful and with all season appeal.



I need your help 

To keep the Bansko mobile app free, it needs to be downloaded and used by a lot of people. Popularity, to a large extent, is determined by reviews. 140+ app reviews is good, and I am indeed very grateful for all those.

But this number needs to be higher. Why? Because Bansko app advertisers (mainly Bansko business listings) like to see more downloads so that their business can be spotted by more people in the interactive map and listing.

Reviews translate into downloads and this popularity of the app (currently 13,000+ downloads) needs to grow considerably.

So please spare one minutes of your time. But only if you have found the app useful at any stage.

Give it a rate and review.

For iOS mobile devices, a review requires you to go ao App store and search for Bansko (even though you have it downloaded) and then click on the image and got to the “reviews” menu. Add a review and, if this is your first review, give yourself a user name.

Of course booking here helps too.

An app review: simple and costs less than one minute of your time. Thank you and watch this space for more on the future development of Bansko App.

If you made it all the way down here.

… Here’s to all our snow dreams coming true.


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