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THE best cheesecake in Bansko @ Chepishev

Chepishev has been my most raved about Bansko restaurant find for some time. Chepishev is located just 100m from the gondola lift across the footbridge over the river.

The bright Chepishev sign makes it easy to spot.

Relief, it's a one pager menu. Imaginative and different

This review is all about seeing the food we eat here. But I should say this is a delightful dining room.

A balance between contemporary and comforting. A roaring log fire keeps it warm and inviting and a “smart casual” type of vibe. Plenty of Bulgarians were dining there when we went. This is often a good sign.

A nice one page menu. Bravo Chepishev! Vegetarians and meat lovers are going to be happy choosing here.

Quinola salad


The hot caesar salad was heroically good. The crisp lettuce contrasting with the melted parmesan.

Crispy bacon completes this old favourite reworked.

Hot ceasar salad

A nice little curry starter too and we were all diving in.

Chicken curry

More fresh salad.

Keeping it healthy for a while longer…

Salad mix


Main courses

T bone steak cooked to perfection. Rare and properly rare. International cooking skills and standards.

Succulent and tender steak. We shared this one.

T bone steak.

and some simple pesto pasta. Pasta cooked al dente and feeling satiated.

A fine evening almost over.

Pesto pasta


Cheesecake revelation

It would be a cliche´ to say that the best was left until the last.

But, quite frankly, this cheesecake is very bit as yummy as it looks.

Cheesecake; homemade at Chepishev style

In Bulgaria the jarred berries are a complete joy. Intense and natural flavours this was home made all the way.



Why make up negatives, when there were none? Perhaps the pasta pesto dish was not the most inspired version I have tasted — but it was still good.

Value for money, friendly service, good wines complete the picture.  A place to try for all occasions. Your comments are welcome below.



Facebook page:

Tel: +359 888 630 630

Address: 4, Strgite Str., Bansko




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6 Responses to “Chepishev restaurant; delicious days and nights are here”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for this useful review! Before reading it, I thought Chepishev was a family mehana (judging by its name). But after seeing these pictures – definitely eating there tonight!

    • Lance says:

      You are right, this is definitely not a mehana. Hope you enjoy the food as much as I did. Bansko is delighting the foodies this season… gastronomic tourism has arrived. What a transformation.

  2. Christian says:

    Thanks Lance, great recommendation. We all had a blast. Food was up to date and the service was great. Bansko need it the Chepishev change. Cheers

    • Lance says:

      Hi Christian, I’m really glad you enjoyed Chepishev. I recently recommended a large group to try Chepishev, and they also emailed me back giving it the thumbs up. So consistency seems good too, and that is always a hard act for restaurants to keep up.

  3. Geoff watson says:

    Well we took a party of 24 this week and what a let down. Slow, poor quality, cold food. Several mistakes, some dishes returned and we cannot recommend Chepishev. Compared to other places we’ve eaten this is definitely not on the list of returns. Next year we’ll try elsewhere. Geoff and the Owslebury massive.

    • Nell says:

      Dear Geoff,

      I am sorry to hear that you had bad experience with us. As far as it goes we did make sure all you guys were OK. We had no complain what so ever while dining, but all of a sudden you seem to have changed your mind. I assume this is personal, as everybody else seemed quite happy. I thought giving a nice surprise to the anniversary couple was not a bad idea. Thank you for not sharing your experience while dining, but letting us down in public. Enjoy your time in Bansko. All the best.

      Chepishev Bansko

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