New skis and fresh snow forecast

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Enjoying the view and the Rossignol skis, on Sunday.

Last week’s snow improved Bansko’s slopes. Sunday morning dawned fine, and I was blessed by being first down the corduroy tracks on the plato.

In a word.


The piste bashers have worked super hard this season. Whilst some pistes get cut up by 13:00, the smart folks head for Chalin Valog area for empty pistes and sunshine there in the afternoon.

It’s those special moments, like last Sunday, that keep all of us coming back to the mountains for more winter fun.

Smiles all round. Thank you to Phil for the snow report you see here, and some great fun times too. Watch out for the GoPro video “mash up” of this fine day on YouTube.

Fancy joining me on the hill and telling others what’s the snow like in a video report? Then contact me, and I’ll try and fix it.


Advanced skis and snowboards; going custom

I also took this opportunity to try out the brand new Salomon advanced skis. George had been raving about these to me. Frankly, I was expecting the hype to fall short of the reality.

Loving these; recommended for good skiers

I should have had more faith.

These Rossignol’s (9S slalom skis) were fast, stable and made carving a load easier. I doubt I will be off them this season… except to try George’s personal new Rossignol’s and the new advanced level Head Skis, shown below.

Head skis, one of the free swap options with Rossignol (choose advanced on booking form)

Please excuse this plug, but the new Speciality and Custom rental skimania shop is a real step up. Be sure to select advanced skis and ski boots (or VIP snowboards) in the online booking form on Bansko Blog.

It’s worth paying a little extra for these — but only if you are an experienced rider or skier.

You get your own dedicated hire shop too plus the usual free equipment storage and early and later opening hours. See prices.

Bansko ski hire

Sanchez, from Salomon. Union bindings. Choos VIP borads on online form

Almost everything here is brand new. Snazzy new Sanchez snowboards from Salomon, with Union and Flow bindings.

Looking inside the new skimania shop, there are new boots and new helmets. Stanislava and her colleagues from skimania are here to welcome you. The full range of VIP and White Dot skis are just across the road.

Stanislava inside the Speciality ski and snowboard custom rental skimania shop


Snow forecast

Yesterday brought some light snow and although the next few days will see warmer temperatures, this will not affect the fact that this precipitation will fall as snow on the pistes.

Picture taken 15th January 2013. Light snow. More snow Thursday through to Friday. Rain possible.

The weather charts show the region dominated from Wednesday 16th January by low pressure systems. So expect snow and mixed sun and overcast skies from then until Saturday when the sun will shine as the high pressure system dominates.

Whilst Bansko missed out on the heavier falls I predicted,it arrived nicely for our friends in Borovets, Pamporovo and Vitosha ski areas. But it’s now looking like the shortfall we in Bansko experienced will be replaced by more snow here very soon. There are some thin patches and a few stones in a few areas. So now its really needed.

Watch out for Wednesday 16h and Thursday 17th, I am expecting 12 cm of fresh fluffy white stuff higher over these days :). Fantastic powder days coming up.

Temperature worries this week. The low pressure is bringing in warmer air, and this will see the precipitation as rain in Bansko town. But overall I think it will be very good conditions.


For the live Q cam and mountain cams, click here.


App reviews – please help

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I need your help today.

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Thank you for reading, and a special hello to blog reader, Mathew Cuzic. See you guys soon in Bansko.


Tips of the day

  • Dragons Den Celtic Tavern (Valentian Heights hotel) specials — Thursday is Chicken night . Half chicken & chips and one  beer or glass of wine, 17lv,  From 6pm – 11pm

    also at Dragon’s Den

    All you can eat for 19.50 lv between the hours of 7-9pm “Dragons Fire Night” Spicy food night. Full oven roasted chicken salad & fries. Spicy Mexican wings in El Taco style sauce. Dragon pizzas and many spices and hot sauces to sample! 19:50lv

  • Penguins bar & diner has 50 ml branded vodka + Shark energy drink. Buy one, get one free for just 11.49 leva
  • Queens Pub: check out their daily 40% discount special dish of the day.


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    Are the snow making machines are working ?
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