Christmas snow forecast

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Chalin Valog: picture taken 22nd December 2012

Christmas in Bansko. It’s turning out to be rather good. Yesterday I enjoyed some magical moments on the deserted snow road from Shiligarnika to Chalin Valog.

The snow was sparkling in the sun light; all was so wonderfully peaceful.

To my slight surprise, there was still hardly anyone at Chalin Valog. The snow there rated a 7/10, but the overall experience was higher.


New snack bar, just above Shligarnika: Pictures taken 22nd December 2012

Weather forecast

The next five days will see daytime temperatures lift to around 5C. I do not expect this to affect the conditions of the pistes higher up too much, where it will only just lift above freezing during the day. Most days should see some fine sunshine.


At the moment, no more snow is forecast until next Monday, 31st December. After that, some more snow will arrive around the 4th January.


All lifts now open


The plateau area is open from today and , whilst there will be some peak hours queues (see live Q cam), it should remain quite acceptable up on the mountain.

Video blog report… a wonderful Christmas Eve ski.

Picture taken 22nd December 2012

Happy Christmas

No matter what you believe in, I hope you can find joy over the holidays. We’re all here in Bansko celebrating the white sparkling snow on the ground.

So the Mayans got is all so wrong, and all mountain lovers live to ski another run.

What a relief!

2012 was especially good for me. It saw the launch of the Bansko app, a redesign of this site, a new town and piste map and a twelve page calendar both “by hand” and printed. I have fond memories of last season, but also of an amazing summer. A beer fest and free hiking programme were all new things I was involved in — and I hope we’ll seeing more of these and more new events in 2013.

So, more than ever I am excited about the future prospects for Bansko and, most importantly, a snow-filled start to 2013.

Wherever you ski, enjoy your turns… but here in Bansko, with the New Year approaching, it’s time to enjoy the pleasures off the slopes.

Come and join me! Merry Christmas

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2 Responses to “Christmas snow forecast”

  1. Phil says:

    Hi Lance,

    we will come to Bansko for some skiing on the 27th. Are you expecting all the runs to be open and conditions to be good, even with rising temperature?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


    PS: I see the cam is back up and working, good job! 🙂

  2. william steele says:


    All runs and lifts are open.
    However there are a few icy parts on a few runs.
    Apart from that all is good.


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