Why Petya Petkova needs your help. My hardest interview yet.

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Bansko is a place for enjoyment for many. For fun ski and snowboarding times, hiking, mtb, for gastronomy — for many reasons. But recently I was told about this woman whose life is no fun any more.

Her name is Petya.

Read on for why she needs all the help she can get.


Introducing Petya

I was told about Petya by Stamenka, a friend in Bansko. Some readers may recognise Stamenaka as the guide on this summer’s free hiking days.

So we arranged a meeting the next day. You’ll soon see why I took some photographs and promised her that I will do everything I can to help her.

Petya looks the picture of health. She rides her bike, swims and jogs most days. She does this exercise regime to help her keep strong — in all respects.

Today I interview Petya.

She works in the hospitality industry but is also a talented artist. She is 33 and she reveals her Bansko life’s story…


Stamenka and Petia

Stamenka (left) supporting Petya


How long have you lived in Bansko? What do you enjoy most about Bansko?

Three years. I love the mountains, the fresh clean air and the opportunity to do sports with Stamenka, my good friend, and neighbour.


When were you diagnosed with Pituitory Adenoma*? And how is life right now?

In 2005 I woke up feeling dizzy. Then I started to have headaches. It was then I was diagnosed with a pituitory adenoma. The disease is causing me severe headaches.

Every day feels like survival.

I don’t know how I will feel when I wake up … and I am running the risk of loss of vision unless I have the operation.

 (*A pituitary adenoma, see wikipedia link, is a brain tumor that, in Petya’s case. has grown to a size that causes considerable problems. Increasingly she requires time off work when the symptoms, such as headaches become just too much to bear.)


What are your chances of being cured?

An operation with a cyberknife will remove the tumor. The chances of a successful operation are very good.  I can expect to lead a normal life after that.


Where will you have the operation? And how much will it cost?

In Istanbul, Turkey. The private Cancer Hospital there has a fine reputation, and the cost is much lower than western Europe. The cost is estimated to range between 9,000 and 12,000 euros.


What is your dream?

Firstly, and foremost, to just to be cured. After that, I would like to have children some day too.


You were interviewed last week on BTV. Did your appearance there raise money?

Yes, so far I have been sent €2,000. The estimated cost for this operation is up to €12,000. Bulgaria does not have a health care system that pays for such treatment. My salaray is very modest and my parents do not have money to lend to me. I am from Ruse, not Bansko.


Tell me about your art 

Before I got ill, I used to paint a lot. I won the World Surrealism competition in Spain.

That was an honour to be recognised.

I have now sold most of my pictures. I don’t paint any more, but I’m ready to paint the walls of any public building, or hospital, to raise money for my operation.


Thank you Petya for sharing your story. 

Thank you Lance.


That is Petya’s story. Let’s help her live a normal life.

You can see her being interviewed by clicking here to watch her BTV (Bulgarian TV) interview (in Bulgarian).

I have checked Petya’s medical records. These included her brain scan and the doctor’s report. I can confirm that hers is a genuine case. Time is of the essence  for Petya. She really needs her operation soon to reduce suffering. Please share, retweet and forward Petya’s story.

From wikipedia …”Bulgaria has a universal healthcare system financed by taxes and contributions.[227] The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) pays a gradually increasing portion of the costs of primary healthcare.” It is a well known fact that the system does not cover all operations and all drugs. There continue to be sad cases of loss of life and unnecessary suffering due to the lack of money to pay for drugs. Money that in other EU countries would have been paid for by the state.

If you require more information, please contact me and  I will pass on Petya’s details. If you would like to make a contribution to funding her operation, then these are her bank details:

Bank account Petya Petkova Atanasova 
IBAN BG88FINV91502015599469 – Levs account 
IBAN BG07FINV91502015599472 – Euro account 
First Investment Bank

I’m sure we will all enjoy the upcoming season in Bansko just that little bit more, if we know we have done the right thing for Petya.

Thank you for reading this. Stay tuned for more on her progress to raise money for the operation.



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10 Responses to “Why Petya Petkova needs your help. My hardest interview yet.”

  1. Tom Shannon says:

    What a shame that such a healthy young lady has to go through this day after day.
    Well done Lance for trying to help, have you thought of setting up a ‘just give’ page for her? It may help get the message out?
    I’ll put some money in (just wish I could afford more) and I’ll send it on to friends who have been to Bansko and know how nice everyone is there.
    Good Luck Petya!

    • Lance says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your comments and support. I have asked Petya to set up PayPal account so that money can easily be donated by anyone in the world. I like your suggestion — so I plan to do so exactly as you suggest. Privately, I have raised her case to a number people of influence and I will report back when there is news. I also agree that it is nice people that lift our holiday times from good to great.

  2. Gene says:

    I tried to make a donation but my bank requested address of payee . ie Petya not just address of bank . any chance of posting before momentum is lost . GKKK

    • Lance says:

      Hi Gene, I have requested this from Petya and I will post as soon as it is received.

      • Lance says:

        Petya advises, Bank address: FIBank Blagoevgrad 2700 “SV.SV.Kiril i Metody”#9, Bulgaria
        Her home registered address: Ruse 7000, “Episkop Bosilkov #9 vh.1et.4, Bulgaria
        Full Name: Petya Petkova Atanasova

  3. Daniel says:

    Can i please have a contact number so my wife can chat to her.
    I have property in Bania and i believe my charity might be able to help fund her

  4. Gene says:


    can you also supply SWIFT code to make payment system idiot proof.
    banks has box I cant fill ie SWIFT CODE


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