Mountain Biking: The Road To Nowhere 2012

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me @ The Road to Nowhere MTB race: July 2011

Mountain biking in Bansko has its annual two day 28th July and 29th July — The Road To Nowhere.”  And, once again, the race will showcase some fine Bansko track …

Last year I did not finish the race.

Brake failure problems on a borrowed bike– yes, really! But now I’m back and armed with my trusty Specialised Enduro bike I have had the pleasure in exploring more and more.  But, this week  my back muscle went into a spasm and it’s still not quite good enough for me to risk a longish ride, so sadly I will have to skip the ride this year.


There will be trophies for 1st 2nd and 3rd in all the categories:-

  • under 18
  • 18-40
  •  over 40
  • ladies
  • racers

Racers category; pushing the best riders to their limits. A more demanding, and longer, course on both race days. There will be a trophy for the first place. A raffle for all competitors.

Entry fee

35lv entry includes entry number for two days racing, a professional cycle jersey, insurance and drinks.

15lv entry includes entry number for two days racing, insurance and drinks .

Registration location,23.493651&spn=0.004868,0.009645


Day 1  A combination of Perfect day and Dead dog  — 31km

Day 2  Foxy lady — 27km

Summer mountain holidays

There are times when cheap all inclusive holidays make sense, but this year it is good to see more winter visitors giving Bansko a go. With the surrent hot temperatures mountain walking in the mountains is what makes a lot of sense. This is why I have started free mountain guided hiking. For free guided hiking, click here. The first “hangover hike” is on Sunday 5th August after The Good Beer Show @ BRT on the 4th August. More free guided mountain walks on 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th August — so far.

More mountain biking

So I will be passing on this —  and contemplating the new Bansko mountain biking challenge: The 3 Mountains Ultra 120 km race. For more on this go to:

Tip of the day

If clouds in the Pirin are building up early in the day, then there is a risk of thunderstorms. Keep an eye on overdevelopment of these clouds. If you see clouds building, growing and darkening then be quick to get down from high points in the mountain. If clouds are spreading into an anvil shape, then this a cumulonimbus cloud (a thunder cloud). These clouds bring dramatic winds (a gust front) followed by hail, thunder, lightening and torrential rain.

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