Snow or rain for Bansko?

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Bansko ski

Bansko plateau in February's cold days

The last week has seen high temperatures. Glorious Bansko days.

All this meaning melting snow. So I’m taking a look at the weather charts and we will have lower temperatures arriving today. So a little good news; the rate of melting snow will slow down. BUT the heavy rain will really cause severe damage to the snow cover.

Tuesday is looking promising with lower temperatures, and bright sunshine.

Expect more rain in town, and (hopefully) snow on the very upper pistes today. The snow road is still open, but for how much longer it is difficult to say. It is likely there could be snow Thursday — but again hard to predict if this will be falling as snow. It could be snow destroying rain higher up.

The season ending

Whilst Ulen, the lift operator, seem keen to keep lifts open until 16th April, mother nature will have the ultimate say.

The large snow falls in February are helping to keep the upper slopes in good shape for the time being. But when the precipitation falls as rain, then we’ll see some piste closures soon. I only look five days ahead, as longer than that becomes guess work — but, at the moment, there is now sign of low temperatures moving in to give us a vintage end to the season we are wishing for.

The show goes on

Sunshine, and softer snow, do make for a good time to learn to ski. Long days and morning light make it easier to rise in the morning.

Thinking of gear

I don’t know why, but every year I get tempted to look at some gear for the following season. Is it the decent deals on online stores (my polarized Oakley goggles from uk were just too enticing a deal to resist) or was it just wanting to keep my enthusiasm going?

Or still working on that carving technique?

I have no idea.

But I do know I am not alone in this desire for a gear refresh. Is your jacket, like mine, looking a little dated?

Now can be a good time to look around for a deal. Most of the links in the ski fashion articles are still relevant. Bansko town has plenty of choice from nice apres ski gear from Conte de Florence and high end brands in Max Sport in the Kempinski to more affordable options elsewhere.

Do be careful when buying gear in Bansko; not all brands sold are the genuine article.

Bansko app and Bansko mobile

I have been encouraged by the comments on twitter on the usefulness of the App. In particular, the usage is looking very good. Motivating news for me to keep the focus on improving it as fast as a programmer and graphic designer can work!

The first of regular updates will be live soon. Be sure to download the Bansko app for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Comment on itunes if you can.

Whilst the Android app is under development, I’m rolling out a series of upgrades to make the app useful in the summer. A new picture gallery will feature in this first upgrade. More on this soon.

In the meantime, Bansko Blog has a mobile version which is automatically accessed from any mobile phone when going to Live web streaming web cams, blog, video and more.




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