Dedo Kotse, a mehana so fine

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It was with as much cuation as walking on ice that I agreed to the suggestion of visiting the mehana, Dedo Kotse. Whilst I had heard good reports, I am notoriously fussy when in comes to the oft touted (‘scuse pun) delights of a Banako mehana.

But today, I am so enthusiastic about Dedo Kotse mehana (restaurant) that I am sitting down and writing about that this gem of a mehana. I never recommend anything I don’t personally enjoy.

After two visits I have to reveal why I came back to Dedo Kotse

Downtown stroll

Bansko Mehana

Dedo Kotse, Pork, peppers and potatoes

It is with some concern that with new restauramts being built up by the ice rink that fewer people seem to be making the stroll into town this season. The small streets off Pirin street and the sweet smells of real fires and home cooking and remind us all that we are in Bansko.

And happy to be here.

Walking past the Church square and onto the main square over to the far side you’ll see Dedo Kotse, next to a cafe. On fine days, you’ll see people outside on the tables taking shade under the wooden porch. People watching the many passers by.

Warmth of welcome

sharing... Dedo Kotse

A warm welcome and on my first visit we sat in a nice cosy enclave; next to a lively group of Bulgarian families on the adjoining table. To our right it turned out there were a couple of English guys. Already on their main course, they were settling into the evening with that post piste glow.

Or was it the beers?

No matter — they were happy.  They had just stumbled into Dedo Kotse and were happy for sure.

Not so for a Norwegian group in the other corner. Enquiring, how come they come to Dedo Kotse the reply being “we always come here, love it”

And it’s not just the food that brings them here, more on this later.

Food is good

Sometimes I don’t have the energy to study a menu, and tonight was one of those nights. On both occasions we did not study the menu for long — we just asked for starters and a taste of the main course specialities. This turned out to be a sound idea.

The mix of salad of goats cheese, yoghurt cucumber mix and peppers made for a perfect dipping pleasure. Superb garlic bread.

Initial pangs of hunger now satiated.

The main specialities were a pork and peppers mix and yesterday’s lamb was sensational. Succulent falling off the bone.

Price is good

So whilst the quality was good, we were expecting to pay proper money for the quality. But on both visits we were left with a bill of approx. 24 lev a head. This price included drinks (Zagorka beer), a cabbage salad and soup as well as starter and mains. Our evening visit saw flaming rakia for all. Nice touch.

Post boarding/skiing hunger ordering here. Normal appetites the bill would have been less.

A veritable bargain.

Overall rating

Dedo Kotse, flaming rakia

My overall rating of 19/20 takes into account the value for money, service and food. The evening guitarist is a real pro and plays popular rock classics.

Superb fun when taking a group of friends.

This is not haute cuisine but simple Bansko food and fresh ingredients in place that you feel immediately at home in.

Open all year.

Address: Nikola Vaptsarov Square, 3

Tel: +359 899 981 890


Which is your favourite Bansko mehana? Please comment below.

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4 Responses to “Dedo Kotse, a mehana so fine”

  1. Simon says:

    My friends and I went to this Mehana twice for our evening meals on a 7 day holiday. The level or service is amazing, and the food along with it!

    Whilst we were there on the first night we were being entertained by the guitarist Vlad who ended up sitting with us for most of the night (when it was quite) and even let one of my friends mess around on his guitar.

    We did try a new Mehana each of the other nights and this was without doubt our favourite

    • Lance says:

      Hi Simon,

      I am glad you agree that for an all round good mehana (traditional tavern) evening this takes some beating. Vladi is a star. Well worth the walk into the main town square.

  2. Beti says:

    This is the worst place i have ever visited. The service was bad. We waited exactly 1,5 hour for a simple meal.. (salad and barbecue). In the menu, it was mentioned that the mixed barbecue is 600 gr. and we obtained only half of that amount, for the same price. The meal was so funny that my husband wanted to take picture of it, so we can laugh at home!!! Finally, it wasn’t cheap at all because we paid almost the same price like in some good hotel with 5 stars.. Shame on them! I will never go back there

    • Lance says:

      Hi Beti, Your review sounds out of character with many who have been here. That said, maybe things have changed. Price — I just can’t believe it could be like a 5 star hotel — was it much more than 25 leva per head? Any more views?

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