How to get Bansko lift Passes for half price

Mar 29, 2012 4 Comments by

Victoria jumps for joy. Pictures taken by the Peshterite cafe, March 2012

Bansko ski lift pass prices reduced. Half price. Yes fantastic news. Ulen, the Bansko lift operator, have not just announced the new prices but are saying that the Bansko ski season will keep on going until the 16th April.

Assuming there is enough snow, we hope and snow dance that this will all be true . Read on for more about weather.

We all love a ski bargain

On the 7th April Bansko’s one day lift pass is a miniscule 23 lev  (12 EUR approx) a day. This deal is just a Bansko bonus that fills me with great joy.

Well done. This goodwill from Ulen makes me want to repeat — yes again…

…Coming to Bansko now is a good plan.

In fact, the “millionare’s skiing” from the empty pistes make it a must do.

An Easter holiday on the snow, In Bansko, is a reality. An decent option now it is better value for money. And there’s a great deal on ski hire and lessons bookable online here at still stocks of free 2012 calendars for ALL orders.

So join me in the final celebration of a season. Indulge in the final season skiing fling which is serving up a Spring skiing feast.

Fresh snow

The Plateau from the snow road. March 2012

I made the last video forecast on Tuesday — it’s still looking about right.

The white stuff will fall higher up. This snow fall will provide some nice powder conditions this for Sunday and Monday. After that, there should be more snow. How much, I am unable to predict right now — but stay tuned for the latest snow forecast here. Or why not view this site on your phone on the new mobile version now live. If you have an iphone, ipad or ipod touch then please download the Bansko app today. Thank you!

Lift Pass prices from 7th April to 16th April 2012

ONE DAY 23 lev 21 lev 19 lev 15 lev
2 DAYS 44 lev 39 lev 37 lev 29 lev
3 DAYS 65 lev 59 lev 56 lev 43 lev
4 DAYS 86 lev 78 lev 73 lev 56 lev
5 DAYS 108 lev 97 lev 92 lev 70 lev
6 DAYS 128 lev 115 lev 109 lev 83 lev
9 DAYS 190 lev 171 lev 162 lev 124 lev
ONE DAY 28 lev 18 lev
2 DAYS 54 lev 36 lev
3 DAYS 82 lev 54 lev
4 DAYS 108 lev 70 lev
5 DAYS 136 lev 88 lev
6 DAYS 158 lev 104 lev



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4 Responses to “How to get Bansko lift Passes for half price”

  1. gabriel says:

    How to get Bansko lift Passes for half price in 04-12 january 2013?

    • Lance says:

      Hi Gabriel, Only right at end of season could the passes be discounted. It is likely that lift prices will increase this year. However, booking six and thirteen day passes here will not only save you money it will save you time queuing. Available only for those booking hire / lessons. Have a great time in Bansko

  2. Albina says:

    Hello from Serbia

    We are 6 pax.- 2 students and 4 adl. Depending on a ski lift prices in Bansko we go to chose ski destination. So can you give us idea, how to get in Bansko lift Passes for half price for 6 day,for 6 people, in 12-19 January 2013?

    • Lance says:

      Hi Albina,

      you can’t get them half price. This article was for the end of last season. Do not expect any cheaper lift passes for January 2013. It is again possibel the very last week of the season, in April, they may be reduced again — but I would not bet on it!

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