Snow report from the piste

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Bansko snow conditions delivered another fine day. The occaisional worn patch, droping the conditions to a 8.5/10. So not perfect; but very good.

The cloud cover is increasing as you see from the picture just taken at 17:25 outside SkiMania shop. A dramatic rise in temperature, so the town’s snow is melting. However, we will see some snow sprinkle from the clouds high up tonight and tomorrow. Will fall as rain in town.

Another few hours today up the mountain saw me trying to master the carving technique. I was taking no chances. So I took time out with six ski instructors. Humbling — but all offering me fab tips — and me working hard to keep up. Any improvement, well I need plenty more hours to claim that. It’s like so many things, the more you know the more you realise how little you really know.


And so it comes down to instruction.

Skimania have the nicest ski and snowboard instructors I’ve ever known. With more positive feedback than Jimi Hendrix, you’ll be glad you booked you and your family for some guidance from the pros.

As I type this, in the skimania shop, I feel excited that it is ski instruction in Bansko that is not only such value for money, but it’s pure quality. It’s a place for improving skiers to hone their technique.

And that includes me.

After learning the old way some xxx years ago, I’m fortunate that I have such partners. So, here goes, in a wave of apres ski enthusiasm, the biggest secret to a perfect Bansko ski holiday,  is now out…

…grab yourself a lesson.

The bad news

We have just two more days of accepting bookings for group lessons between the 5th and 27th February. So please be quick to book. All pre book group lessons (and private lessons end Sunday 22nd). We’re just so nearly full for these busy periods.

The good news

Same great ski hire and lesson deal: 20% off. Free 2012 calendar too.

Book online. Ski packages page.

Burns night

To celebrate Robert Burns night, the British Chamber of Commerce in Sofia has arranged a fabulous Burns supper. Click here for details.

Tips Of The Day

  • Teppanyaki at the Kempinski — followed by Sing Sing. The night out.
  • Check out homes to rent. A fine selection of homes supporting Bansko Blog.
  • Happy End. The live band always good on a Friday and Saturday night.
  • Sushi time at St Ivan Rilski. Preslav delivers the prefect antidote to meat.
  • beer (3 lev) value. Hotel Shiligarnika — 100 metres behind the Bla Bla. Don;t tell anyone else, please.



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