Powder snow: heavenly conditions

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The snow came. And it came floating down imparting a wonderful stillness on the mountain. With such powder whoops of joy could be heard from the snowboarders. But it was a shame to see that not every skier was making the most of this fresh powder. On days like this it is virtually impossible to groom a piste, and such times mean many skiers struggle.

The Preacher: a ski solution that works

White Dot

WhiteDot, "The Preacher": part of the advanced collection for rent

So it was time to try this season’s WhiteDot “The Preacher” off piste ski. David, the Bulgairian importer of these British designed skis arranged for the full 2012 collection to be available for rental at skimania (a free swap for all advanced ski renters). So a quick set up from Evtim, a breakfast toasty from the takeaway up from skimania and we were all set.

Width is good

Now I think most people would look at the width and think these must be just for pros. Well the truth could not be more different. These wide skis are super easy to use in deep snow. Any intermediate skier would be fine on these. The positive interest from others with all mountain skis heightened the pleasure of being out on these beauties. Okay, beauty is in the eye of the beholder — but I like the platypus look!

With all the excitement of getting up the mountain to try the WhiteDot Preachers, I forgot the GoPro Hero camera to show this wonderful powder snow up close.

Snow forecast

The skies will be clear although there is another pressure system that could bring some more snow Saturday.

Conditions are set to remain good. 9.5/10 was today’s rating

Tips Of The Day

  • Book Sing Sing, at the Kempinski Grand Arena, next weekend. The fabulous iGroove are playing there Friday.
  • Try Hotel Shiligarnika, 100m behind Bla Bla. Two bars, upstairs has more room and better menu. The mulled wine (hot wine) works well with the rather good home made wine sold here.



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