Bansko Ski Season Opening: Win a Car

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Picture taken: 11th December 2010.

The Bansko ski season officially opens on Saturday 17th December, and I’ve just been informed by the Kempinski Grand Arena in Bansko some interesting news.

News, that is almost as exciting as fresh snow — the prospect of winning a super sexy Audi A1 motorcar.

You must act NOW. Go to to register — just 900 participants. This is a TV and poster campaign here in Bulgaria — so will be full soon. Some, possibly most, Bulgarians that I have spoken to think this Audi A1 ski opening promotion will be rigged, or fixed, in some way. I am more optimistic that this will be a fair competition… we’ll see.

Opening season guests

And not just win a car, but also winning a whole load of nice prizes, courtesy of the Kempinski Grand Arena, and Audi.

Like previous years, the Grand Opening of the season kicks off with a ski competition. This year it is called “Beat the  Champions.” This is where good skiers, after preliminary registration, can try their speed in a direct competition with three ski legends:

  • Marc Girardelli
  • Petar Popangelov
  • Michael Valhoffer

Sounds interesting — but I’ll just be watching this part.

Treasure hunt for an Audi A1

But I’ll be participating in, what the press release calls “the extremely amusing game of “Treasure Hunters.”

The press release then goes on to say this is “where guests of the resort can literally dig great gifts from under the snow at Banderishka Poliana, including a brand new Audi A1

In my view, this game will qualify as more than “extremely amusing” for the lucky person who wins that Audi A1. Who would say no to an Audi?

Now you may be thinking, digging — and digging under WHAT snow?

Well, have I got news for you.

There WILL be snow on Friday or Saturday. Why am I so sure?

I’ll let you into a secret. Today I asked the good folks on twitter to join me in a snow dance.

This twittery brewed up a real steam of POSITIVE energy… and now, just looking at the snow forecast, I see there is now a nice cold weather front heading Bansko’s way. Assuming this means snow time, then this “gift” alone will ensure that the ski season opening will be a special celebration. OK, temperatures are a little high – so rain low down is a risk. Watch VIDEO for more.

More prizes from the Kempinski: “The Kempinski group is contributing to the impressive awards package of the game two special prizes – one weekend at Kempinski Grand Hotel Des Bains, St. Moritz, Switzerland, and two weekends at Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko.” Nice one.

The prospect of a sparkling new Audi A1, or a nice stay at the Kempinski Grand Hotel Des Bains or the Kempinski Grand Arena will deliver us up the mountain. Eager to join in the fun. Stay tuned — I’m entered into this. The odds, on the face of it, are great. Just 900 entrants.

St Tropez is visiting Bansko!

The day will finish off at the Happy End bar and club. Here we will see a band, the name of which is being kept a secret,  but are from St Tropez in France. They will play an exclusive gig at the Happy End — 10pm ’till late.

In any event, fresh snow, competition, prizes and the propect of  a Happy End. I’ll be posting what I see in Bansko this weekend right here.

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Will you be there? Are you looking forward to the ski season? Do you fancy a trip to St Moritz? Do you want an Audi A1? Let us know below in the comments below.

Terms and Conditions for participation NOTE: this is an extract from

1) In the game to everyone aged 16 years.

2) Each participant is given starting number of crossing points shown on ID card. Without a personal document does not registered! Points are situated next to the lift station by meadow Banderishka of 10.00 to 12.00

3) Participants must sign a Declaration organizer exempt from liability for any form of damage, injury and trauma.

4) The organizer reserves the right to immediately exclude any participant from the game, without claim or compensation for breach of its rules and / or danger to other participants.

5) The duration of the game is within two hours or until a final casket buried. If you have not found any chests given bonus time (30 min).

6) The chests are numbered. Every number corresponds to the relevant award. The list of prizes to the respective numbers are kept in caskets notary.

7) are formed of groups starting positions in order of arrival of the 100 people who consistently allowed in the search area.

8) Each group sought prize within 5 minutes. Search time will be detected by unauthorized persons. After the fifth minute participants are required to leave the area to allow the next group of 100 people.

9) For safety reasons, the organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants at any time.

10) Backpacks, bags, skis and other objects should not be imported into the area of the game. Failure of the participant does not submit such articles, the organizer reserves the right to exclude from the search.

11) There shall be equipment and instruments in demand (skis, snowboards, poles, shovels, etc.) unless they are distributed by the organizer. Allowed knee.

12) If the chest is found, the peg hangs a flag in its place. Then the participant must bring it with starting number for the notary in the final area (stage). Must show valid identification document to establish profitable and to avoid confusion in the awards. Only one casket may be transmitted by the participant.

13) If the participant finds kovezhe (the treasure chest) this immediately terminated his participation.

14) are not allowed to participate representatives of the organizers (Ulen, BF SKI, kiwi) and sponsors.

15) The game takes place in exceptional security measures.

16) According to the time of the game (2 hours), will allow groups of 100 people, respectively, by the end of time.

17) Direct the right to participate in the game receive the first 30 (during) the race skiers’ Wins Champions “held earlier in the day.



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  1. Janice says:

    Where can I find information about when the season usually ends? Thinking about going at Easter but as this is risky, I'd like to look back to see when the season has ended over the past years.

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Janie. Like any ski resort it does depend on snow. They say 15th April. The way easter is for both calendars, i think they will try very hard to keep it open this year for as long as possible. I love late season, albeit tinged with a little sadness that its a long wait till the next ski session

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