Siri Says Snow In Bansko

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Bansko weather and snow forecast is brought to us today by Siri.

Or rather the Siri that sparks into life at a prolonged press of my Apple iphone 4s button. Gimmick or the future? Well take a look at the video and then come back on Monday or Tuesday to see if the forecast snow arrives, as per Siri’s prediction, in Bansko.

ski Bansko

Picture taken: 13th March 2009

Siri’s Snow Forecast vs Me

Actually, the snow will arrive higher up the Pirin on Friday. So maybe we shouldn’t be too harsh on Siri if it does in fact arrive Friday or Saturday — something she seems to think won’t happen in Bansko town.

I made a bold snow prediction for this week in my last video blog, taken at Asenova Kushta restaurant in Godlevo, so it just has to snow. But one thing is for sure, with or without Siri, snow in Bansko is what brings a big smile to many of us.

weather forecast for Bansko

Siri's Forecast

Enough of me. Just check out Siri in the video. The fact is that the Apple iPhone makes just the perfect skiing gadget. Whilst Siri has already been quite handy, its main use so far, is for taking really decent pictures and video.

Hope they fix the battery software issue soon. Won’t last a day at the moment.

The charts show the huge cold front now starting to move down from Siberia. So, from Russia with love, the front will bring with it plenty of cold air and moisture.

A recipe, for snow.

Stay tuned, watch the live web cam, and I’ll be bringing another video snow report soon.

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3 Responses to “Siri Says Snow In Bansko”

  1. @chrisgeorgiev says:

    This is really awesome! Love Siri, just wish it have more information for locations in Bulgaria. See a lot of potential for skiers! You listen to music, ski and order a piza delivery or reserve a restaurant to dine with some new friends you get to know on the slopes. Ask Siri if Bansko is good place to ski!?

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Chris,

      thank you!

      location based questions, outside the US, have to be phrased "search the web" , and then the question.

      So I agree with you, the iphone and Siri personal assistant will be very helpful for everyone in Bansko. A great phone has just got better. BTW Siri changed its forecast to snow tomorrow :). So glad it agrees with me now 🙂 Stay tuned for more

  2. Bansko tourist info says:

    Gondola open 1st December and the official start to the 2011/12 season will be on 17th Dec………. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

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