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Bansko Gondola lift station: Picture taken 15.11.11

Bansko lift pass prices 2012. I’m sorry, but there is no official announcement on lift prices. We have to wait until the 1st December.

But, as I have been emailed the same question many times the last few weeks, I’ve decided I would risk being wrong and say that the Bansko lift pass prices will PROBABLY be the same as lift prices in 2011. That is, a day rate of 55 lv for most of the season. 45 lv per day until 20th December and from 1st April 2011.

I’ll update this lift pass prices page when I know for sure. Subscribe to the newsletter, using the form to the right, and you’ll receive updates by email.

UPDATE: Yes these are the correct prices for 2011/2012 bansko ski season.

For 2012 I have useful savings on prebook lift passes. The six and three day discounted LIFT pass is available to pre book now.

All passes are delivered to our hire shop, SkiMania, just by the gondola — right by the web cam.

Avoid the queue…

click Ski Packages

for more on 2012 lift passes, ski hire, ski school and transfers. Or just go to contact form and send your enquiry.

Ski season is starting

With all the snow making going on right now, the expectation is for a few runs to be open from the 1st December. Watch out for my video blog later this week.

The official Bansko ski season opening is the 17th December. More on this soon. But for now, with all the new places opening up, Bansko starts to take on the bubble of the winter season.

I can’t wait.

Buying lift pass tickets in the resort

Go to the gondola lift KIOSK. Open Thursday to Saturday between 08:30 and 23:00 (not generally happening in 2012) and Sunday to Wednesday 08:30 to 15:30.

If your pass is for more than a day, then you’ll need everyone in your group to be there. They take a digital photo taken at booth. You can buy your pass anytime the previous day to be valid for the next day.

MaxSport in Sofia sold passes last year. There’s a big MaxSport on Bulgaria Boulevard some 300 m from the ring road in Sofia. But I will be checking, once season has started, that this really is an option. As this might ba a convenient method for people staying in Sofia prior to heading out to Bansko.

Purchase full travel insurance before travelling to Bansko. Checking the small print is essential.

Prepay lift passes and ski hire

The prepay deal right here with is easy to arrange. With an ice cool discount off in resort ski /board hire and a bonus discount too for those who booking transfer too.

Pay in UK Pounds or EUROS credit/debit card via secure paypal.

As always, I work with BanskoSkiMania in Bansko. Small class sizes, professional instruction… this ski and snowboard school is recommended by many. Located just 50m from the main gondola lift. For 2012 we have more snowboards with new Flow and Salomon bindings.

VIP skis and the wonderful Hart skis for strong intermediates and more. Look out for the review of these soon. Or how about the super cool Whitedot freeride skis. Limited stock. Strong intermediates should reserve early to avoid disappointment. Bansko Blog discount applies for all ski hire and lessons.

Bansko Gondola Lift Base Station. Lift Pass

Bansko Gondola Lift Station: Looking towards ski domain

Leave your skis nowboards and boots at the ski hire shops at the end of your day on the slopes. New equipment for the 2012 season, or just one season old. Free service of skis between rental, including sharp edges and hot waxing. Guaranteed instruction. Click ski packages for more. This deal is only at prepaid price. Three steps to book your discounted ski package:

  1. subscribe here at, and attached will be a SKI PACKAGE form to fill in with prices and email back to me
  2. you will then be instructed to pay by credit/debit card via secure PAYPAL (or call or email ccard details)
  3. you receive your reference number and spreadsheet marked as paid.

Bansko Lift Pass Prices 2011/12 from 01.12.2011 – to 20.12.2011 inclusive and from 01.04.2012 – to 15.04.2012 inclusive

Period Adults Students Pupils Children
1 day 45,00 41,00 38,00 29,00
2 days 87,00 78,00 74,00 57,00
3 days 130,00 117,00 111,00 85,00
4 days 172,00 155,00 146,00 112,00
5 days 215,00 194,00 183,00 140,00
6 days 255,00 230,00 217,00 166,00
9 days 380,00 342,00 323,00 247,00
13 days 535,00 482,00 455,00 348,00
1/2 day after 12:30 pm 34,00 31,00 29,00 22,00
Gondola lift (both ways) 18,00 16,00 15,00 12,00
Season Ski Pass 980,00 885,00 835,00 640,00

from 21.12.2011 – to 31.03.2012  inclusive

Period Adults Students Pupils Children
1 day 55,00 50,00 47,00 36,00
2 days 107,00 96,00 91,00 70,00
3 days 162,00 146,00 138,00 105,00
4 days 213,00 192,00 181,00 138,00
5 days 266,00 239,00 226,00 173,00
6 days 311,00 280,00 264,00 202,00
9 days 432,00 389,00 367,00 281,00
13 days 599,00 539,00 509,00 389,00
1/2 day after 12:30 pm 41,00 37,00 35,00 27,00
Gondola lift (both ways) 20,00 18,00 17,00 13,00
Season Ski Pass 980,00 885,00 835,00 640,00

Ski passes for guests of the Kempinski Hotel

All ski passes grant access to the gondola’s fast lane

Period Adults Children up to 12 years old
1 day 70,00 45,00
2 days 135,00 90,00
3 days 205,00 135,00
4 days 270,00 175,00
5 days 340,00 220,00
6 days 395,00 260,00

Children – up to 12 years The season pass grants access to all lifts’ fast lane and isn’t a subject to other price reductions Mountain insurance included (I recommend you buy your own ski insurance before travel). In insurance not included in prepay lift passes.

Exchange rates

1 BGN = 0.51 EUR
1 BGN = 0.37 GBP
1 BGN = 0.74 USD

Value For Money?  The UK’s Post Office survey in 2011 put Bansko at the top for cheapest/best value skiing in Europe. And for 2012 with extra snow cannon I think the value is beter. But I want more lifts — here’s hoping for 2012/13 we will see the much talked about lift and run expansion start.

Bansko Lift

Finally, do please comment. Be aware the gondola queues happen at peak times.

Take a peek at the live streaming Q cam to help you choose your time to get up the mountain.



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14 Responses to “Lift Pass Prices 2012”

  1. fotis says:

    hello from greece!!
    you mentioned new snw cannons are there…do you know if they placed at the higher runs as plato as these realy suffered last year due to lack of snowmaking…?

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hello Fortis, Thank you for stopping by. Sadly no snow cannon on the plato, just a few more added. But don;t worry the real stuff is going to happen big style over the next few weeks… happy days 🙂 (oh only 70% sure of this , but looking good for mid December). Stay tuned for live snow reports from the piste soon

  2. fotis says:

    thanx for the reply!!!! as aout the prices a more flexible pricing depending on the conditon of the pistes must be placed like they do in borovets and this will bring more money to their pockets as it will sto the illegal selling of pass…for instance lastcristmas with less than 50% percent of the resort open i felt idiot paying 55 lv and my friend buying the pass for 20 lv at 11.30am…..

    • LanceNelson says:

      they have reduced lift pass prices for afternoon skiers. Illegal selling is illegal. Enough said.

      Of course maybe they are happy they sold a pass at full price for the day

  3. Electra says:

    Hello again from Greece!
    I'm going to vistit Βansko in 2012 for ski holidays!
    I'm a student at a University of Athens and I would like to know if I can have any discount at the lift prices because of my "property" as a student. Is there any official document, that I can bring it with me to have a discount ? Thank you very much!

  4. tom says:

    hi there. Can you tell me what currancy the above prices are for lift passes. also can you confirm the above dates are for this season as "Bansko Lift Pass Prices 2011/12 from 01.12.2010 – to 20.12.2010 inclusive and from 01.04.2011 – to 15.04.2011 inclusive" seems to contradict its self…! Thankyou

    • LanceNelson says:

      prices are in Bulgarian levs. Inclusive means including both start and end date. There are two low season periods when passes are cheaper. The low season is from 1st April until the 15th April — which is when we are told that the season will end. Never can be 100% sure due to weather.

      • tom says:

        Thank you for your reply, however my query was with the dates you have mentioned… It starts by saying 2011/2012 but then switches back to 2010(ten)! so I was just checking that this was simply a typo error! thankoyu again for an excellent website! we lookforward to using skimania again in feburary!

  5. Chris Smith says:

    Can anyone tell me when the ski lift will close in 2012. Will it be open from 2nd to 7th April 2012
    Thanks Chris Smith

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Craig, The lifts are menat to be open until the 15th April. However it is impossible to be sure – depends on the snow cover. I would say you are fairly safe for 2nd to 7th. Kind Regards

  6. George says:

    Hello! Giorgos from Greece!
    I would like to know if someone ca purchase a VIP godnola passs and not staying at the Kepinksi!


    • Lance says:

      Hi Giorgos from Greece!

      Greetings — but the bad news is that VIP gondola passes are only available, as far as I am aware, for guests of the Kempinski hotel. We do not know prices of the 2012/13 season tickets at the time of writing. Regular six day passes may be pre booked online here along with ski and snowboard hire/lessons/transfers

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