Why These Recon Ski Goggles Will Change the Way You Ski

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I love my ski gear and I know many of you do too. So I am currently putting together my top five favourites. But occaisionally I am notified of something new. So I did not want to delay publishing today’s article, that comes from Tamsin. She is a freelance writer and mother of two, and when she isn’t juggling her responsibilities you can generally find her on the European slopes or sipping cocktails in one of Switzerland’s ski hotels.
New Gear Influx
Of late, new ‘revolutionary’ ski gear is being released roughly once every 35 seconds, so it is difficult to get really excited about new ski equipment. There have been many recent advances in technology regarding both the materials used in the manufacturing of ski items, and the way in which the gear interacts with the human body. So we have seen that there is an almost constant outpouring of new and ever more hi-tech options for ski wear and accessories.

For those of us who are a little “burnt out” on the influx of new gadgets, there are still a few ski innovations worth getting excited over. Recent advances in goggle technology have managed to amp up the ski experience. And now, in the form of the Recon-Zeal Transcend Ski Goggles, we finally have something worthy of our jaded attention.

The Recon-Zeal Goggles

The Recon-Zeal goggles are almost ridiculously packed with features. Not only do they do what traditional goggles were meant to do, that is shield your eyes from glare, wind, and snow, they also place a wealth of information directly in front of you. The goggles have a built in GPS system and your runs can be recorded to the goggle’s memory and then downloaded to your computer. The download interfaces with Google maps and you can then follow your own run on the map display as it plays out. If you find yourself curious about how high you are or how fast you are going while you are out and about, the display can tell you that, too. It can also display the temperature and whether you did better on previous runs of the same course. In addition, there is a built-in clock, a stopwatch, and distance monitor.

All of this information is displayed via an LCD screen that sits in the bottom rim of the goggles. Rather than having the information swimming directly in front of you, the display appears to hang in the space just at the bottom of your goggles. It is an experience akin to viewing your dashboard display, and makes it possible to keep skiing without feeling like you have a static visual existence overlaying the real one hurtling by in front of you.

Unveiled officially at CES 2011 in January, the goggles had already gained a lot of attention from both ski pros and amateurs alike. Over the last half-year, reviews of the product have remained positive, with many skiers pointing to the positioning of the LCD display, the light weight (254g), and the durability of the goggles as major pluses.

Many have also pointed out that the equipment makes very little noise, and that the goggles fit comfortably under just about any helmet style. Motorcyclists have begun to use them as well, citing the GPS features as being the biggest draw. While they are nearly perfect, the goggles do have a few drawbacks. The controls for the goggles are located on the right hand side, which can be problematic if you are wearing them during a power sport that requires constant use of a throttle or gear shift, and at £450 they require some financial commitment.

I hear Bansko can offer quite cheap holidays — so this could free up cash for new gear — such as these goggles. However, it may be well worth it. Having important data right before your eyes, GPS, and the ability to analyze your own runs later, the Recon-Zeal Transcend Ski Goggles are hi-tech ski gadgets that are actually worthy of excitement.

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8 Responses to “Why These Recon Ski Goggles Will Change the Way You Ski”

  1. nalysale says:

    Snowboard goggles are available in various stores and there are various brands of snowboard goggles that are available in different range.For more information visit https://www.whiteapes.com/snow.html?cat=54

  2. tonchev.atanas says:

    Technology is just around the corner and won't miss skiing as well. Imagine skiing and your milestones are actually virtual… virtual bonuses on the slope and virtual skiing guys to compete with 🙂 and when u finish the slope – your profiles are being updated on the web, and your score tweeted 🙂

    • LanceNelson says:

      Thank you for your comment… I agree, I can see this new technology being used to enhance the skiing experience through games with others. An more uses of new technology I wonder?

      • Jeremy says:

        I spoke with a Zeal representative on the phone a few weeks ago and she told me that on 11/1/2011 they will release their system in a new goggle called the Z3 which is sleaker fitting than the original Transcend. In addition they are including all types of firmware upgrades in which the games that Tonchev refers to will be available. Im not sure what this entails, but there will be software available this fall labeled "Treasure Hunt" which will allow multiple users to play virtual games on the slopes… sweetness son!

  3. LanceNelson says:

    HI Jeremy,

    Wow, if so I must get my hands on a pair of Z3's for review as soon as I can. Thanks for posting!

  4. nalysale says:

    Ski goggles definitely change our ski since it builds confidence in a person that provides a ability to ski faster and with more confidence.It also protects our eyes from outer air dirt

  5. Jason nuun says:

    I have recently spoken to a friend of mine who sells zeal products (ioptix.co.uk) and he told me he has some of these on order, I can't wait to get my hands on a pair. Pretty pricey but should be worth it. I am hoping to use them for skiing and quad biking too, makes me wonder what else I can use them for

  6. ski goggles sale says:

    These look really cool and I really like the fact that you can later download all the info to your computer and then look at it there to see exactly how you went down the slope. Would be great to see from year to year your improvement. I bet the GPS gets used a lot too. Does anyone have these yet?

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