How To Speed From Sofia Airport To Bansko

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Sofia Airport to Bansko transfer was the first thing I looked for on the internet some six tears ago when I researched my first ski Bansko holiday. The quickest route has a concensus, some EU money has even been invested on what it was intended for. So its now time to fasten the seat belts and hit play.

A Tom Tom Tour Gets “Interesting”

Between Airport And The Lifts Is The Transfer: Picture Taken 02.03.11

No this is not an article about speeding. Quite the opposite. You’ll see me in the video  being overtaken many times. The safety gap between you and the car infront is, in Bulgaria, an invitation to be overtaken. I had heard of new visitors to Bulgaria with their Tom Toms and other SatNav gadgets taking them on some “interesting” routes. So I turned to my friend…my GoPro Hero HD camera. My love affair with my GoPro Hero HD camera continues. After being rather satisfied with my paraglider helmet mount used in my recent weather report from the lift in Sopot, I decided to rig it up in the passenger seat. Now uploaded to YouTube, it is a guide from Sofia airport to Bansko. The four speed (safety) cameras are clearly pointed out along with the speed limit.

After testing out the short edit, Sofia To Bansko In 8 Minutes, I received some useful feedback. An the latest full edit here shows IKEA, all the major turnings I take to get to Bansko from Sofia. The journey was done over two days the first part from Buxton intersection (click here for my review of restaurants handily located in this area) and the second part from airport terminal two to the major left turn onto the E79, now signposted to Kulata and Athens.

iMovie, Editing and Speed Cameras

I think I always like messing around with my father’s Super8 camera on skiing holidays as a kid – and it was two years ago that I started playing with the ridiculously simple to use iMovie on my Mac. Whilst I accept criticism this free for Mac program has its limitations, I do urge everyone so has an iphone or Mac wit it installed to give it a go. So with this edit I explored some of the features that I had not previously bothered with – such as voice over and inserting a video into a video to show the crucial ring road turn off.

By slowing down at the four speed cameras and a few of the popular police speed traps, I hope that those who decide to hire a car, enjoy the experience. You’ll also see Philip from, our transfer partner and sponsor of this video. The car used is a Renault Clio – just one from his twenty strong fleet and can be hired from just 19 euros per day. My huge thank you Philip for your lead sponsorship and the the kind words that I so immodestly kept in this edit. My thanks to the other video sponsors, and

The Route and The Time

The route you’ll see in the video is used by most transfer companies and is of course taken by our own transfer partner (return transfer from just €114* for all ski package customers). A typical journey now takes 2.5 hours from Sofia airport to Bansko. From the E79 junction is now easy to do this in 1 hour 55 minutes – keeping to speed limits. Talking of which if your inner Schumacher rises and you wish to emulate the blackened out 4×4’s you will have latched to your rear with barely an inch to spare – then don’t bother. There are frequent speed traps and a chat with the Kat (Police) is no fun – and if no fine your delay will have made the speed pointless.

Particular care needs to be taken on your return to Bansko at the new Pernik intersection. Here the sign for Sofia will take you on a long and impressive new section of the ring road. You’ll end up in Lulin – an uninspiring district of Sofia – and still some way from the airport.

IKEA Landmark

You’ll see the new IKEA is nearly ready for opening. I’ll be reviewing the experience here when it opens soon. But it should be like all other IKEA’s – but the main point it’s dead easy to find. Huge sign is visible some 5 km’s ahead. And when here the parking areas will be ample. I am sure there will be many IKEA apartments in Bansko soon. Not a lot wrong in that compared to what I see. Most “furniture packs” owners will be refreshing their furniture at IKEA. But for  furniture and design inspiration take a look at The Bell Tower apartment I reviewed here – furnished and finished by Crown-FM. Crown – FM make solid wood furniture locally. No self assembly and will last a lifetime.

Is Your Route Quicker: How I can I make This Video Better?

Please comment below on your experiences on getting to Bansko. Comments on police, cameras, places to see, eat and visit along the route are all welcome. If you go a different route then do tell us. Maybe you avoid the ring road and go into the centre? Tips on how to stay safe on Bulgaria’s roads are very welcome. My tip from very painful personal experience is be absolutely certain that the person who drives you is both safe and reliable.

Bansko Weather This Week

Bansko weather is sunny at the moment. Mainly sunny skies. See live web cam! Outlook is for some rain Wednesday and thereafter very sunny days. Temperatures up to 28 C. Skiing maybe one thing, but hot sunshine in the winter requires a holiday trip to one of my favourite, and most affordable diving and windsurfing destinations — Dahab, Egypt. I’ll be booking up my red sea holidays. is on the mind of many though, with many new enquiries for the season, pre 2012 ski packages deals available for booking by 30th September. Like it? Please Share it.

Getting Here

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