Bansko Ski Season Ends Early

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The Bansko ski season seems to be ending early this year. Sunday 3rd April will be the last day of the ski lifts will be operating. UPDATE : ULEN CONFIRM ON BANSKOSKI.COM,  THAT LIFTS SHUT SUNDAY 3rd APRIL. I am not certain if this is just a commercial decision from Ulen, or one which is based on their snow forecast. More on this later. But first, David brings us the ski conditions in glorious video.

Thanks David, love the white dot skis! Superb spring ski conditions. High up on the Pirin mountains its been freezing overnight. Up to around 12.30pm the conditions have been some of the best all year. Then the sun has been getting strong — up to 20 degrees on the web cam in town. Take a peek at the web cam. Watch ladies and gents strolling past in spring outfits. So often March is the favourite time to come catch good skiing and serious sunshine in Bansko.

Weather And Snow Forecast

It’s looking like snow Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday and Friday. Did I say snow? Well, it will be rain in town. My uncertainty is at what height this rain starts falling as snow. Herein lies the problem ahead. It may be only on the plato that there is snow, and elsewhere its rain. The slopes will be damaged and, frankly it may seem a less harsh decision to close the lifts for the week commencing 4th April – a very popular holiday week for UK visitors. This is because of the UK private school holidays start from around the 1st April.

Bansko ski weather

Click For Met Office Weather Chart

Click on the Met Offfice chart to see the low pressure weather system that sits nicely over the region.

Snow, But No Lifts

Have Ulen screwed up? Let’s look at the evidence… I think visitor numbers are lower than expected and are forecast to be lower due to the late Easter this year. So arguably, for Ulen, its best to close the lifts with good notice. Fair enough, there is no point in running empty lifts. Even this would be okay if there was an official announcement on Ulen web site, But there isn’t — why not? Please tell me Ulen. Or anyone else please comment below.

There is a very high chance that salt will be rubbed into the ski wound. Yes, those “lucky” April Bansko visitors now be facing the prospect of no lifts. But there WILL be more SNOW arriving 4th April. Some cooler air and precipitation should provide a fresh covering — with even off piste potential. Folks staying in Bansko with the prospect of a ski-less winter holiday may have an option. So, assuming the lifts are not working in Bansko, try heading for Dobrinishte Bezbog chair lift. It’s just a 20 minute drive away (best in a 4×4). This lift could be working if there is nice fresh snow. In any event, it’s very beautiful there.

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UPDATE:  LIFTS SHUT Sunday 3rd April (last day). I now agree with this decision. Snow will be useless. Ulen you tried hard – adjusted your decision based on a revised forecast and then changed it back when it became clear that it will be terrible conditions. There’s no winning.

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19 Responses to “Bansko Ski Season Ends Early”

  1. Kire says:

    Big mistake that they didn't post on their web site! Anyway that site did not provide anything useful except the live cams

  2. fotis says:

    well…its obvious for those visiting bansko often that this year there is a serious budget cut off from ulen as the grooming for instance is very poor for petrol saving and the staff is seriously limited and even the snow machines have stopped working earlier than other years…ulen does not accept that when there is a money crisis in greece that is the 30-40% of his clients his earnings will drp but he has to keep the good ..bansko reputation…and to my opinion thats not a fair marketing option! austria has dropped their prices so much and the lift passes are so flexible that i am afreaid that greeks next year will choose another resort for their ski week vacation….and thats what i hear from lots of them! unfortunately ulen doesnt…

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Fortis, Your general comments are interesting. However I am not sure Greek people will be deserting Bansko. For sure, its fun to go to others resorts and countries. However, for Greeks living in Thessoloniki, I doubt they will beat Bansko for price by the time they have flown to Austria: However if its just about price then maybe Ulen should charge more at weekends and encourage more midweek skiing out of the popular holiday weeks.

      Actually, I think Ulen quite rightly looked at the forecast and thought the snow could be rubbish. Too warm. I think they are now right. But here is the irony – they have now confirmed they will stay open to the 10th April!! Which really is strange, now many people have cancelled their trip. It's even more silly as it looks as if my forecast above is WRONG! It will probably be warmer than i thought and that snow will be rain even high up — we'll see.

      • Mark says:

        Hi Lance. I am due to visit Bansko on 9th and read with horror the closure of the lifts on 3rd. Are you now saying its the 10th? Will they be open on the 10th? Should I come anyway cause its only for a few days, will there be anything to do?
        Cheers Mark.

        • LanceNelson says:

          Hi Mark,

          We are all seemibgly reliably informed that the lifts will be open until 5:00pm the 10th April. Confused? We all are! I am afraid that rain is likely…. I verge on the optimistic side. BUT so many times patience with weather wins the day. Even if conditions are not that good, many people manage to have a load of good times – or is it the cheap beer that helps?

          • fotis says:

            as for this weekend whats your opinion for the conditions early in the morning??

          • LanceNelson says:

            Hi Fotis,

            Should be okay first thing, Enjoy the last two days of the season.

          • Ady says:

            Hi Lance,

            I planned a trip from Romania for the 9-10 April week-end to Bansko. So, is there any chance to have the lifts open in the week-end at least?


          • LanceNelson says:

            Hi Andy, No chance I am afraid. The tomba still has snow (due to world cup preparations in February) – but i dont think lift will be working. Horse riding, golf, mtb, hiking are all good options.

          • Ady says:

            Thanks. Do you know something about other resorts in Bulgaria? I wached the web cam at Borovets, it looks like the are some slopes still open.

  3. Skiied says:

    Anyone know how I find out when the lifts close this season (2012)?

  4. Skiied says:

    Anyone know how I can find out when the lifts close this season? (2012)

  5. Michael Skelton says:

    I booked to go over with my son and friends on the 8th April and hear that the lifts in Bansko may close as early as the 10th is this true?

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Keith, I only know the official lift pass end date as 15th April. There is always a risk of early closure (mainly due to lack of snow). Make sure you have insurance that covers you for such eventualities.

  6. Dan says:

    Hey LanceNelson, What insurance covers this and what exactly does the insurance cover and repay? We want to go from the 30th of march to the 9th of april in 2013, is this a bad idea?


    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Dan, Thank you for your comments. Most ski holiday insurance will cover you in the event all lifts are shut. Check the small print carefully. But for your dates I would not worry as I cannot remember a time when there has been no snow then, To the contrary I have my best times early (and mid) April in Bansko?

      So in conclusion — it is good idea to come to Bansko then!

  7. emma james says:

    Hi. Im looking at booking to go to bansko on 20th to 26th March 2013. Is that a good time for snow??

    • Lance says:

      Hi Emma, historically it has been one of the best times, and one of my personal favourite times. Sometime sit gets colder and a good amount of fresh snow falls then. But also we get loads of daylight and some pretty bright sunshine too. But weather is weather and I am afraid I cannot guarantee perfect snow — but all in all it is generally a good time. I hope this helps.

  8. Dorina says:

    Hi Lence, Im planning to visit Bansko on March, 15th, hope it will be ok…. Thanks

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