How To Transform Your Bansko Property: A Furniture Special

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Crown InteriorsBansko ski property is nothing without furniture. However, it’s a furniture minefield, and there’s a battlefield littered with casualties. It’s a disaster area that, from my own mistakes and experiences, is a complex area which is outside my comfort zone and therefore causes stress. Usually Bansko furniture is just an expensive mistake. After looking at many holiday homes in Bansko and around Bulgaria, I have seen that getting it right takes a large degree of skill and expertise.

Why Furniture Matters

Can you recall a really memorable hotel room that you have stayed the night in? If so, you may have gone back; or recommended to friends to stay there. And it’s not all about money. Even though I have been fortunate to stay in some smart five star business hotels around the world, I remember most vividly this amazing bed and breakfast on the coast of Cornwall. The whole decor from bedroom to sitting room that was just right. It all had just that “WOW” factor. It was an unstared property, nothing fancy — just a £100 a night bed and breakfast. No wonder word had got out — famous British film stars had discovered it. And by the time I made it for my second stay, it cost more. Still well worth it, though.

I could see that a considerable amount of thought and planning goes into getting home design and furniture just right. So I sat down with Warren and Yana, from Crown Interiors, and discussed interior design. I learned a lot from them, and I now want to share with you some of their tips on how to turn a Bansko property into a special home. A home that both owner, and guests alike, will want to return to time and time again.

A Furniture Pack, Sir?

You have bought the property of your dreams. But you will feel you have invested too much of your hard earned cash. And that now there is little budget left for furniture and furnishings. But, I know how it goes… the property title deeds are now in your hands — and the furniture must be sorted out before the ski season starts. But what you decide next will determine the extent of your future property ownership pleasure. And this reality applies in all ways — whether your goal is for investment, rental income, or for personal use. Or a mix of the two.

In a mature market like the UK these are important decisions —  in Bulgaria, with an abundant property supply, these furnishing decisions are even more critical.

Would you blindly buy a furniture pack for your permanent home? Given the choice, would you spend your holiday days and nights in a tired property? Or where the owner had not spent the time and money on making it somewhere special? Warren explained how the “furniture pack” choice played on buyer naivety.

In simple terms, furniture packs are usually bland, poor value and unsuitable for your own individual property.

Bin End Or Bansko Luxe?

As the saying goes, I am not so rich that I can afford to buy cheap! I am not saying property owners should go for the full Italian five star designer route, but to really consider your next move carefully. It could be the difference between many years of enjoyable ownership, or years of various degrees of indifference.

It does not matter if your home is not the best location, or located in a development without spa facilities. It does matter if the inside of it looks, and feels like, an ex-communist party peoples’ holiday camp. Or a relocated B&Q bargain bin display area. Either way you are condemning your home to the bargain “bin-end” market. A cheap and joyless place to be.

Get Passionate About Your Home

If you’re letting your apartment, it is a business. Like any business, its operational stability, long term returns and potential are driven by the entrepreneurs sheer passion for what they do. A self belief in what we do is critical. For example, I aim to deliver outstanding value and customer service for ski packages and in all I do to make this a web site I could be proud of. Thinking about it, this is why I started, and kept going with Bansko Blog!

So a pig’s ear is always going to be a pig’s ear. And valued accordingly. Trying to make a silk purse from one isn’t going to happen, however a silk purse creates desirability. It will be worth more. It’s added value — and we all pay for that.

Grand Design And Money

To achieve your grand design, your favourite space and a wannabe rental property does not mean spending more. It just means careful consideration to planning.

Pretend you are the Bansko tourist. What would I want? Would I pay for that ex-communist party peoples holiday camp? If great design, inspired spaces and sexy homes and apartments are your goals — then read on to see how.

Bansko Apartment Spaces: The Opportunity

If you have your apartment already then your know that regular and well planned layouts are not not always the architectural norm here in Bulgaria. If you haven’t purchased yet, then be prepared. That said, a poorly planned large space in one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in Europe, in the best Eastern European ski resort, with stunning summers and wonderful people is better than an over valued cupboard. A space not big enough to swing a rat — let alone a cat. The extra space in Bansko brings opportunity for a truly stunning living space.

So you have your space, walk round it empty of furniture. Feel it, imagine how other people would want to use it. Visualise what they would need and what you would need to enjoy and use it to its best.

Understanding Individual Design

I used to believe that interior designer and decorators were a luxury only the rich can afford, but speaking to Warren, at Crown Interiors in Bansko, I could see that this was a fallacy. He does not pay commissions, nor have fancy showrooms. All extra mark up that customers don’t have to pay for.

Warren asked about my visions for my home, my likes and dislikes. When Warren said he worked closely with his customers to bring out their personality via the best custom designs for them and their home, I was interested in learning more. His and Yana’s passion and ethos bodes well for Bansko owners who either want to start from scratch, or now need a much needed makeover.

In the pictures you will see how Warren has made the most of space. He has made its quirkiness, or a compromised layout, work for his clients. He’s created something his clients, and their friends, will talk about and remember. Furnishing that works, functions, flows and reflects their personality are Warren’s watch words.

Traditional, Contemporary Or Fusion — Summer And Winter

Or your own style?  Warren reminded me to make sure I include plenty of storage and be mindful of functionality. My home needs to offer more comfort and express a distinctive style, be an extension of myself and expresses my identity.

Warren said, “Don’t forget the Summer. Winter is the primary time in Bansko, but is on average only a sixteen week season. Summer is a good five months long, with new events and festivals being planned all the time. There is actually much more to do outside the ski season. Rental income growth, and profit potential, lies in making your property suitable for lettings during all four seasons.  This means proper consideration in respect to colours, storage facilities for linen (e.g summer quilts, golf clubs, etc). Plan pictures you might select be mindful that they create the right ambiance for both winter and summer guests.

Warren summed up our conversation with the wise words that… “such important apartment furniture and design decisions cannot be answered or resolved by squeezing a ready made furniture solution into any random apartment. How would this achieve pleasure and how would this achieve good income results?” Well said — and what he will also tell you is how his own workshop can make the precise high quality kitchen and furniture that suits your needs, all at much lower price than you would have thought possible.

This is a sponsored article by Crown Interiors. Your views and comments on designing and furnishing overseas property are welcome. How did you go about furnishing your property?


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