Dimitar Berbatov Comes To Bansko

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Berbatov vs Burnley in 2010

Berbatov is coming to ski in Bansko! For everybody who is a fan of Manchester United… Berba is coming to Bansko! And he will put his skis on! We don’t know whether Sir Alex is aware of this. He ought to be, because Dimitar Berbatov’s legs cost £30.75M. Ivo, Bansko Blog’s staff reporter, informs me that he is one of the most expensive football players in Manchester United’s history!
World Star Ski Event: Celebrities.

Berbatov has confirmed that he will come to Bansko for the super show on 26th and 27th of March, called World Star Ski event. It is organized by Prince Albert II – the head of the Principality of Monaco. This will be the sixth occasion of the event, and the first one in Eastern Europe.
The Prince has invited in his Star Team For the Children (STFC) such Alpine ski greats as Marc Girardelli, Hermann Maier and  Isolde Kostner. Also coming to Bansko will be Ricardo Patrese and Claudio Ciapucci – idols in F1 and cycling.

Chalin Valog Ski Area, Bansko 2011

Bansko will welcome the athletics heroes Stefka Kostadinova and Sergey Bubka as well. The megastar of the Bulgarian football, Hristo Stoichkov was invited; but will not manage to take part in the show.

More Positive PR For Bansko

So Berba is coming to Bansko! I will believe it when it actually happens — this is Bulgaria after all; so often there is a load of talk and rumour, but no action. I just hope this is not a PR stunt. But thank you to Ivo for bringing this red hot news today. Amongst the first on the web. But what a season so far. Starting with lack of snow, leading to the inevitable problem of fewer tourists coming to Bansko. With the snow issues thankfully, largely resolved by mother nature, it’s time for the Men’s World Cup circus to hit town. Bansko’s hosting of this World Star Ski Event is the icing on the PR cake. I’m genuinely impressed by the promotional efforts going on this year. But what do you think of Bansko’s PR — please comment below. And stay tuned, we’ll be bringing you the latest news, pictures and video reports.

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