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Picture Taken 31st January 2011: New Plato Lift High Above

Bansko weather report from Monday 31st of January comes from Vasilena: – “The last day of the first month of 2011. This is a live broadcast from the ski road in Bansko – especially for…

… I am Vasilena Chonova, and I invite you to witness along with me the good conditions here, although the snow is not enough as needed. But in total, the situation is more than nice. We have sun, we have cold, we have no strong wind. And we have many people who are enjoying the snow conditions in Bansko. Now you can see a skier beginner. She is heading towards the Chalin Valog ski run – the best for educating beginners, either in Alpine skiing and snowboarding. I hope the wind didn’t harm the video of this snow report. I’ll see you soon. Best regards! Bye!”

Thank you Vasilena .

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