Snow Report: Could Things Be Getting Better?

Jan 05, 2011 4 Comments by

A night of Bansko snow. So ski conditions are a little better today. Take a good look at Elga. She delivers our video snow report with a distinct, and upbeat, tone in her voice. Once again, Elga is from my ski packages partner, BanskoSkiMania. We have 60cm of snow on upper slopes and 40cm on lower slopes. Eight out of fourteen lifts are open for Thursday 6th Jan. Subscribe for more news and snow reports by email.

Weather Forecast

More snow on Sunday. The big dump of snow happens on the 12th. I am concerned by some warmer temperatures at the weekend. But this will change for next week. So I see the season getting back on track with more snow after the 14th with yet another weather front on its way.

Oh — and the minor earthquake — at 2.9 on the richter scale — was hardly felt. No damage reported.

We Are Two Years Old

Bansko Blog’s 2nd Anniversary “Snow Party” is now set for Saturday 15th January. Meet our contributors including snow reporters. Elga, Sania, Alex, Ivo, David and me! Please sign up for Bansko newsletter. I’ll be sending out your invitation, with all the party details, in the next few days.

Thank you for reading. For the snow reports as they are uploaded, please subscribe to BanskoBlog on YouTube. Your comments below on your Bansko experiences are really welcome. Are you enjoying Bansko — in spite of the lift closures? What are your favourite bars and restaurants?

Tips Of The Day:

  • Buy ski insurance before you travel.
  • Excercise and get fitter before skiing. It makes a big difference to your enjoyment.

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I enjoy tech, apps, entrepreneurship, podcasting and collaboration with others. I love travelling as well as skiing, hiking, MTB, paragliding, cooking and good food.

4 Responses to “Snow Report: Could Things Be Getting Better?”

  1. Gemma says:

    Hi there, great job with the snow reports! Just wondered if the party will be Sat 15th or Friday 14th? We arrive on the Saturday ;o)

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Gemma, Thank you for correcting my mistake. It should be Saturday 15th January for party. Location to be confirmed tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by and glad you like the snow reports.

      BTW, I am always on the lookout for more people to help and provide snow reports… At the moment, snow reporters here are achieving well over a 1,000 YouTube views over a few weeks!

  2. paul says:

    I am wondering why they do not open the highest slopes 11 and 3 and then 10. It should be enough snow at least on the Plato. I know from last year that the highest slopes were closed sometimes without any serious reason. This year is the second time I travel to Bansko, but seeing so few slopes open, I have decided to go to Austria from the next year.

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Paul, I am not 100% sure why, but I think that they are keen to preserve the base they have there. It has been a snow challenged period for sure. Having been skiing for many years (40) I can say that I remember periods of time when Austria had poor snow. Weather patterns have always been unpredictable: although I think memory of these variations fades!

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