Bansko Sunny: Getting A Little Warm

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Improved snow conditions in Bansko. Thank you Ivan for a truly uplifting snow report. The reality right now is a less joyous. Warmer temperatures today and tomorrow and the rest of this week, Rain in town on Wednesday in town… BUT some much needed snow on the higher slopes. Plato still shut.

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Weather Forecast

Remaining a little too warm. The big dump of snow we were all hoping for has not materialised. Looking like snow for several days mid next week, 20th January. Too early to say for sure. However, throughout this snow challenged time, there are plenty of people having loads of fun in Bansko. Both on the snow and in the bars and restaurants. Take a look at Vanya’s Non Skiing Guide for ideas.

Tip Of The Day:

Please be careful when busy. Still too many avoidable accidents keeping the snow patrols busy. Improve your technique, ski for longer and stay safer. Take some lessons!

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