Bansko Ski Season Opening And Snow Report

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The new ski season opening in Bansko has just started with much ado about… well, the snow. Or this time, around the lack of it. Check out all the action here and in BanskoBlog’s YouTube Channel — including ski legend Luc Alphand’s “Bansko shared” exclusive interview.

The planned Grand Opening of the 2010/11 season turned out into a freezing cold, yet sunny fiesta, held at Bunderishka Polyana ski area. The  main attraction being the firepower of the 15+ strong snow cannons along Alberto Tomba slope.

11th December 2010: Bansko Opening

The weather played out a nasty surprise to the organizers with spring temperatures just two days before the official opening of the zone that was planned well in advance. And even in its best efforts and -17oC today the snow making installation couldn’t magically produce the needed run for the planned parallel slalom of The Legends. Marc Girardelli, Luc Alphand, Michael Von Groeningen, Josef Strobl, Petar Popangelov, Maria Valizer and more former World Cup champions have all gathered in Bansko to raise the flag of the new season and inaugurate the two new chairlifts that await hordes of thrill-hungry skiers and boarders. And although the lifts were powered up, there was just a 100m long snowy stripe to ride on with the official opening banner. A disappointing start. But to cheer us up we have our exlcusive interview with Luc Alphand: there’s a treat in store for the guys who keep watching until the end…

So, the season’s up, but the real snow is yet to come. Forecasters say it won’t be until Christmas when true base is finally going to form on top of the mountain. If you’re coming this way in the next couple of weeks be prepared with some warm clothes and a lot of patience. But the ski zone will finally awaken from its long summer dream. Stay tuned to banskoblog and twitter for more snow reports as the white stuff falls in, what is I believe will be, significant dumps next week.


11th December 2010: Bansko: Winning Balkans Resort

This snow report is brought by our new snow blogger, Alex B. Check out his ski site Alex and I have known each other for many years, and after a bit of nagging from me, he has agreed to do snow reporting for banskoblog this ski season. Thank you so much Alex. Subscribe to BanskoBlog’s YouTube Channel to receive snow, weather and news reports as soon as they arrive.

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