Bansko Weather Forecast: Powder Snow

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Bansko weather is always hard to predict. But here goes…  snow on Friday, Saturday and Monday 8th March. Should be at least 30cm by Tuesday morning. Maria Clarke, this week’s video snow reporter, has been incredibly diligent uploading her snow video’ blogs. Thank you — and I look forward to more. You’re so easy on the eye.

I’m An Intermediate: How Can I Progress?

Many people come to Bansko to learn to ski or snowboard, but also continue to come as improving intermediates skiers. However at this stage people stop lessons. Probably like me thinking that my level was okayish, and that to improve will take a load of effort and of course expense.

There were two things this year that transformed my skiing. New boots and instruction. My old ski boots just did not give me enough control, so this was easily fixed (thanks to Head shop). A lot of skiing gear is superfluous — but modern boots are the number one equipment priority. Then my instruction came in the form of regular “tips with guiding” from qualified instructors I was hanging out with for an hour or so. Often just before their formal lessons started. Most importantly for me, I never had instruction time that sacrificed the quantity or quantity of skiing I achieved. Basically, I was having all the fun and joy of being up in the mountains, but without the drudgery of a large group.

Powder Days

So there’s fresh snow about to fall this weekend: how will you benefit? For sure there will be better on piste snow conditions, but at the piste edges, and under the lifts, you’ll be watching others enjoying fresh tracks in the powder.

On these sort of days I used to look at these “experts” with envy. Why couldn’t I turn in the deep stuff? These boarders and skiiers were making the most of the powder days — why couldn’t I?  Powder days we should see next week in Bansko.

I saw big smiles on the faces of these boarders and skiiers as they follow the actual lift, and dart through the trees.

Because of the guiding/teaching sessions I undertook, I can now get more pleasure form such days. Still much to learn though.. but tips I received; such as using the legs as suspension, keeping the body still, flexing more, were all valuable for progressing up a level. On the piste, I’m still trying to move legs apart more: a hangover from the “skis together” teaching drill many years ago, but generlly I am less tired and much more confident in a variety of snow conditions.

Guiding Days

Bansko ski school

Vaz, Qualified Instructor For Guiding Days

So after a suggestion from a reader, I decided to put together days you can join a properly qualified instructor who will take you, and me. Our first trial days have been a huge hit, the mixed abilities have not been a problem nor having boarders and skiiers together.  As much of the time we are on the piste, receiving tips. Then those that are ready will follow Vaz, on small sections of off the actual piste.. but never far from it. — and no where near areas of any risk of avalanche. Check out the video of the sort of terrain that Bansko offers.

The Cost Benefit Analysis

Receiving tips and encouragement from instructors has been a huge benefit. but I have been lucky and found a few instructors that not only speak near perfect English but have a real passion on helping you progress, at a pace that is right for you. I needed some encouragement to do some routes, but found that if I followed the advice I can enjoy fresh deep snow and the joy of being off the piste for a while. All in relative safety.

So the package I have put together is, for a limited period 55 lv (28 EUR) for 2.5 hours. This is the equivalent of 9 EUR per hour. I think this is fabulous value. No compromise in instruction which I would have to pay close to 60 EUR an hour in many French ski resorts.

Compare the money to what we spend on ski gear and ski fashion. It’s an investment in our ski or boarding pleasure we should all make. Typically, we meet earlier than a ski school and it is Monday to Friday. Maximum of six clients. Although the weekends are available with notice. We meet at the top of the gondola (Buderitsa) at 09:15.  For those that want lunch, we usually stop at the Peshterite after the morning’s session. If you want to find out more or book your days, then please contact me.

Make new holiday friends, don’t ski alone, receive proper instruction and uncover the hidden joys of Bansko’s terrain… all for the equivalent of 9 EUR per hour!

Have you enjoyed Bansko’s powder days recently? How were they? Please let us know below.


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