Bansko’s Hot Spring Turns To Snow: Snow Forecast

Mar 28, 2010 5 Comments by
Bansko 5 Star Hotel

Picture Taken March 27th: Sunbathing Conditions -- Kempinski Hotel

Weather proved its spectacular display of changeability today. Yesterday Saturday 27th March will be remembered as the most wonderfully warm Spring day, with sunshine so hot the were sunbathing around the pool outside the Kempinski Hotel. It was so hot we put up the umbrella for shade. Snow was melting but everyone was happy. It felt like summer, people were sunbathing…actually better than most days they call summer from my native shores of the UK.

Then, in the early hours the weather front came in and dumped the snow – a good 5 cm and then — great news…  more snow today perhaps as much as 10 cm at Todorka. Temperatures fallen.

Easter Ski Conditions

More snow due Wednesday evening, could help for the holiday season. Temperatures will rise again but, with luck, the evening temperatures on the mountain will drop. Best skiing likely to be in the mornings. Ski high. Overall an END OF SEASON feel to the weather.

Tip Of The Day

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5 Responses to “Bansko’s Hot Spring Turns To Snow: Snow Forecast”

  1. Paul G says:

    Great news Lance, thanks for keeping us updated – out there this coming Saturday so hopefully more to come!

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Paul, temperatures have not dropped enough and yesterday morning ski conditions were good, temepratuires higher than expected and unfortunately rain, rather than hoped for snow, has not helped conditions today.

      However here's hoping that the weather front with rain in town will mean snow tomorrow…. weather eh?

      • Paul G says:

        Ah well, c'est la vie. Scotland's had a massive dump of snow in the past 24 hours and it looks like there might even be enough to ski up in the lake district again this weekend.

        Here's hoping for the weekend: at least there's *some* snow 🙂

  2. martin says:

    Thank you for the excellent information

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