Lock Stock And A Secure Apartment

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Some Bansko apartment owners have asked me about property security. Especially how to change locks to guard against unauthorised lettings and unauthorised entry. This is something I recommend all owners take action on –  especially if they decide to control their property outside the letting and property management of a of the developer.


Changing Locks In Bansko

Changing Locks

For additional security I decided to change the internal locks of my own property, so I called Nigel. The job was completed efficiently, and in a timely manner. Changing inner locks, and only giving a key to someone you can completely rely on, is a sensible idea as it renders your apartment useless for unauthorised letting — even if someone copies your front door key.

Nigel and I started talking some more and he explained more about his property management business, www.propertymanagementbansko.com. He has employed Georgie Popov (an electrician),  Lyuben Dimitrov and his mother as a cleaner for many years. Lyuben’s father, Pavel, is employed for general maintenance. Ivor and his wife Jan also work with him in various capacities — they have lived in Bansko for over 5 years.

I should also point out that Nigel’s business covers all aspects of the property management business in Bansko , from one apartment to whole complexes. Whilst this is not an article about property management, I urge every owner to research carefully who they entrust with their apartment keys before handing them over. Dishonesty is rife in Bansko, and you msut be confident who you are dealing with has intgrety. Sermon of the day over with!

Fire Risk And Electrical Systems

Nigel also took the time to explaine that electrical systems should also be checked for piece of mind. After hearing about the fire in an apartment in the Demianitza development caused by faulty wiring, he is finding more demand to install smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Obviously there are different levels of checks and tests, and a complete EU standard (e.g equivalent to UK’s “Part P”) test will be a significant cost, but a simple check should be considered if you are not sure.

The cost of changing locks varies, some are simple, others more complex with bolts, these can cost over 170 euros to change. The simple ones will cost you around 40 EUR to change. A “no brainer”.

Ultimate Locking Systems

A reader emailed me asking what the ultimate in security locking system could be. Whilst I explained that the ultimate lock might be a hard one to answer, but typically look for a controlled key distribution. A process which requires full identification before any key copying can be made.

One such lock a friend has of this ilk, is from Mottura. It gives you two “duplication protected” keys in a single “multisystem” lock. I really like the integrated locking system. You have to use both keys to gain entry. From their website they claim it combines the well proven CHAMPIONS® Europrofile cylinder technology with MY KEY®, with the new double-bitted key with moving elements to protect against duplication.

A new door with this type of lock installed will be around 1,000 EUR. But if you store valuables in your property such as TV, hi fi, computers, ski/mountain gear and other high value items etc then I rekon this is worth considering.

Tip Of The Day

Try Motikita (“The Hoe”) mehana restaurant. 200m up from the Kempinski on left in the trees. Fair prices and particularly good starters, cabbage salad, garlicky peppers, mushrooms etc

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