Weather, Snow and Boots

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The weather in Bansko caused some challenging ski conditions later on today, Stefan reports. Up on the Plato conditions were pretty much a white out. The snow was much better than yesterday, and only the odd icy patch. Forecast for more light snow. Friday still looking like much more significant snow falls. Weekend is looking the best for a long time. Temperatures have remained below freezing in town today. The snow ski road is open back to gondola lift.

New Boots And Panties

Well new boots… no panties just wanted to pay homage to that album name. One of my childhood faves. So I checked out the new Head Test Centre located in the Sport Hotel, right next to the Kempinsky. I’ve been speaking to these guys recently since meeting the mother of Nikola Chongorov on the aeroplane from Sofia to London. Nikola made some fine snow reports in December and today secured an overall second place in the Bulgarian National Chapionships. Well done Nik.

Head Test Centre

Back to boots; mine are nine years old, and too loose in feel. Just not stiff enough.

I wanted to feel like my boot was part of me — rather than a lump of jelly wobbling around. And…well I just love gear. And ski gear ranks right up there with the finiste gear fest I can have.

A very helpful Alexander in the shop  showed me the full range, and I tried on a Head Edge boot. It was too good to be true. The very first boot fitted me so well. So I go back to try some more and, all going well buy. Overall I was impressed with this shop. So much so I think its worth a look to see if I can help these guys. Lots of high end gear, brand new — literally unused hire skis plus top of the range gloves and goggles make this place quite a find.

It’s located just underneath the Sport hotel, which is located right next to the Kempinsky. Here was my ski report from earlier today, which helps to show its location: and was before the really heavy cloud made conditions harder up high.

Ski Packages

Prepaid ski packages save money and hassle in the resort. I hate that first day hassle and that wondering if you are going to get screwed on hire rates… and that’s not mentioning the risk of poor, old equipment mucking up your first day.

Turning up and hiring is fine…

…I always used to do it. But hire shops want your business; a few have offered me some deals that have just gone from good to better.

For a quote, please subscribe and you will immediately receive a simple form to complete. Just email this back to me and you’ll receive your quote. Often a saving of up to 60% off in resort prices! Ulen lift pass prices are here for reference and are the price you pay on the day.

Stay tuned for updates on some of my favourite places for a night out. If you have yours, please share below.


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  1. David Bates says:


    I am interested in hiring my ski’s before I travel on 13.02.10 and sorting out the ski passes. It mentions that aform is available to complete. Where do I locate this?
    Many Thanks

    Dave Bates

    apartment owner in Predela 2

  2. LanceNelson says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your comment.

    On the right hand top corner of this page you will see a subscribe box, just add your name and email. You then receive andemail asking you to click on a link. This confirms you are a real person.

    Then will in a few minutes you will automatically receive an email with a form attached. Just fill out your requirement in this and email back to me.


    • Liz Wilkinson says:

      I already subscribed to you some time back and receive regular update e-mails, however, where can I find this form please? Thanks Liz

  3. LanceNelson says:

    Hi Liz, It was attached to the last email a few days ago. but dont worry pleae just send me an email and I will send you one,

    thanks, Lance

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