The Two Oggys Show: Snow Report

Jan 22, 2010 2 Comments by

Today’s snow report comes from Oggy and Oggy. I had just finished the video of my early morning Head ski test session, and I was introduced to Stampi and Vasco’s friend, Oggy. Oggy then bumped into his friend, also called Oggy. And we went skiing together.

The joi de vivre that these two amiable Bulgarian guys radiate shines through on “the two Oggys” video snow report. Taken on the lift; thank you for the shameless plug for this blog.

As we went up the chair lift with the first Oggy, I have to admit thinking at the time, “I hope these guys don’t slow me down…conditions are the best they’ve been for some time and I have to make the most of this.” The sun shone and there were those sparkling shiny crystals in the cold air. So evocative; and a big reason why I love the mountains in winter… check out video of my first runs of the day in new boots and Head skis on groomed coduroy pistes:

…Anyhow, as they sped off into the distance at a speed that belied their years, I knew there was a story here. I should have guessed it. In their youth both were in the Bulgarian Sk Team. I was soon receiving more helpful instruction from these guys. Then an insistent swap of skis…so that I could ski test how it feels to be on genuine race tuned professional slalom skis. More on that another time.

Snow Forecast

It’s snowing today and tomorrow we will see a really significant snow fall. Temperatures will remain low. Minus 8 and lower higher up. Sunday will be good day in the mountains and certainly conditions will improve accordingly. Next week remaining cold.

European Championships

I have been following the progress of our snow reporter in December, Nikola Chongorov. He came fourth in this week’s Bulgarian Championship. But expect excellent results from this Bulgarian Ski Team member and blog contributor

Tip Of The Day

Cheap Spa: Go to Dobrinishte to the hot mineral baths. Just 1.5lv (€0.75 approx) will ease any aching muscles. Basic but authentic Bulgarian experience. Separate mineral baths for men and women. It’s a nude thing. Be warned!

Ski Packages

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2 Responses to “The Two Oggys Show: Snow Report”

  1. Soon to be out says:

    which run was the Head Ski test video filmed on?

    looks so quiet

  2. LanceNelson says:


    The Head ski video was filmed on pistes 10 and 5. First part of the film was on 10, second part on 5. Both are accessed by Shiligarnika 1 or Shiligarnika 2 chair lifts. It was filmed at 9:15 am… with still plenty of fresh "corduroy" ridges in the snow. I love freshly prepared pistes and it was a joy to test these Head skis. My Head boots are just fabulous, and made the most difference to my ability to have control at speed.

    This is always my best skiing : noone around and the best snow. But dont do what I did the evening befor , I just got 4 hours sleep as it was a late Bansko night out (JJ MUrphy's then Bash Bar).

    More snow has fallen and good conditions are reported for today. Cold -9 at the top of Todorka today.

    Tomba shut for European Chapionship Ski competition today


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