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Today’s snow forecast video report comes from Stefan. We hooked up via twitter a few months back.  But this twitter thing works. He saw the twitter… and joined us for a beer in JJ Murphy’s on the 29th December.

Anyhow, we were pretty excited to check out the ski conditions after some good reports from yesterday.


Platoto: 16th January 2010

But today we were disappointed. Apart from on the Plato, the snow was hard packed with icy patches — making for a some tricky conditions. There is no more than 60 cm of snow at Todorka.

Weather Forecast

I’ve just looked up my favourite site for weather charts and there is an occluded front passing over the region on Monday.  This means snow. So Tuesday should offer some better conditions.

And we need it.

The Kukeri


Kukeri In Simitli: 16th January 2010

As we turned of at Simitli we saw the start of the Kukeri festival. A quite unusual spectale. We parked up and I took this short video. I’ll leave it to wikipedia for what this is all about…. But first a short video of this rather unusual ritual:

“This is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with a costumed man performing the ritual. The costumes cover most of the body and includes decorated wooden masks of animals (sometimes double-faced) and large bells attached to the belt. Around New Year and before Lent, the kukeri walk and dance through the village to scare evil spirits away with the costumes and the sound of the bells, as well as to provide a good harvest, health, and happiness to the village during the year.

The kukeri traditionally visit the peoples houses at night so that “the sun would not catch them on the road.” After going around the village they gather at the square to dance wildly and amuse the people. The ritual varies by region but its essence remains largely the same.” So there you have it; The Kukeri.


Picture Taken 2.30pm Saturday 16th January 2010


Stefan a top snowboarder and you can check out his tweets here: which I regularly retweet on

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