Ski Conditions

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Ski condition video report today, again from Ivanka. She was happy to be recognised from her last ski report by some Russian skiers also having a drink in The Happy End. Thanks for saying hello guys.

Bansko Ski Road

Photo Date: 4th December -- Gondola Lift Area and Ski Road Snow Cannon

Bansko Ski Conditions

Ivanka and I hit horrendous ice, after taking piste number six on the second chair up. We arrived at the gondola at 8.00am to avoid the huge queue which developed not much later on. The closing of the serving tomba lift was a wise decision to avoid injury. But then, in stunning sunshine and sub zero temperatures, the hard packed base mainly of artificial snow started to provide amazingly acceptable ski conditions for us.

There are some exposed stones and whilst we enjoyed it all, it is pretty poor ski conditions. But clear sunshine seems to improve everything.

Lift queues up in the Shiligarnika and Buderitsa are up to forty minutes. The ski road is open. The Plato is served only by the T bar drag lift and was icy and less pleasant than the rest. All in all restrited ski conditions.

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast is for snow tomorrow and higher temperatures. Much more snow needed. The recent light dusting was just that. Bansko offering best conditions in Bulgaria with Borovets and Pamporovo reported to be in poor state.

This hard packed snow and even some ice on the snow road to the gondola lift, is dangerous for beginners. This along with the busy pistes makes for challenging conditions. So best to avoid learning on days like these and, if not so confident, be careful. The screach of the ambulance siren was as I went out to the shopping Mall (Bansko Mall by Bansko Royal Towers) would have been just one of many injuries today.

In the last ski fashion article I mentioned  my new Howies merino wool thermal vest. And with conditions of around -12 C, it passed the test.

So it’now time for a jacuzzi, sauana and steam room.

If you’re thinking of coming to Bansko, then try saving some cash and booking direct from owner apartments. Prices from €10 per night per person. Almost all of them have saunas, jacuzzi, massage and many have swimming pools

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