New Year Fireworks: Video & Pictures

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Bansko New Year 2010 fireworks across Bansko. The view of Bansko from the private jacuzzi tower at Grand Montana was perfect for witnessing the blaze of colour and noise.

Happy New Year. My thank you to the contributors to this blog over 2009, especially Tina, Ivanka, Vanya, Frank, Nikola and those who have sent stories and emails.

Looking Back And Ahead To 2010

Poll results on this site were that 85% thought that, in general, Bansko is improving and 15% thought it was getting worse. This general view I think is bourne out by the large numbers of visitors from Bulgaria, Greece and Romania right now. The choice of nightlife keeps improving and on this topic I welcome the new Piano bars: “Sing Sing” at the Kempinsky, “My Way” at the Perun Hotel, the piano bar at Lucky Bansko and others.


New Year 2010 Bansko Fireworks


New Year 2010 Bansko Fireworks


New Year 2010 Bansko Fireworks

Before looking ahead its helpful to reflect back on 2009. In general, I feel Bansko has become a more attractive place to visit during the year.

But there are some things that have not got any better. And it’s customer service that crops up time and time again. It has improved, but it is inconsistent.

The other day I witnessed a Bulgarian guy going mad with rage at the Gondola lift ticket kisok. He was shouting “why they can’t you have a separate booth for day passes, where no electronic picture is required… and that this is not how Bulgaria should be embarking on its tourism. …”

No one in the queue would disagree with his sentiment. Words made all the more potent coming from a Bulgarian! Ironically there was no queue at all for passes at the temporary ticket office by the ski hire centre.

Alternative Bansko Lift Pass kiosk: Few Queues Here

Today Bulgarians were explaining to me they waited one hour and fifty minutes for their food to arrive in a mehana. It was midnight before they got anything. The food was good, but the very slow service was unacceptable for them — even making allowances for a busy period here in Bansko.

More than ever, preperation for visiting Bansko is as necessary for Bulgarians as it is for foreigners.

Your comments below are welcome. Wishing you every success in the New Year.


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  1. alan williams says:

    will be out in Bansko on the 28th for Newyears and back on the 4th Jan. Ive been keeping up to date on your website and others for News and the weather ofcourse. From what I can see with the live webcams, theres been no snow and the snow cannons havent been used yet. Can you confirm Lance that by 28th Dec regardless of snow fall, the snow cannons will be on by then…. Just a bit worried as the last time we come out: April 17 this year, there was no snow… Thanks fella

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your comments.

      See latest video you will see that the cannons have been on and created skiing now. But we need snow which should arrive Saturday and a fair amount the following week. They are doing everything possible using snow cannon — but the real white stuff is preferable. Stay tuned — it will all happen soon (i know i was wrong last week)

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