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Mountain Restaurant, Plato

Picture taken 28th Jan 2010, The Goat

Whilst I have to confess to finding the sustenance up on the plato Goat restaurant pretty acceptable… and here I go for hot chicken soup, maybe chips, kebabche, moussaka, a pork dish… but balancing a Shumensko beer on my tray destroys the final food bill. Read on to find out another place; one which reminds me of those fabulous Italian Dolomiti refuges.

Bansko Mountain Restaurant

Picture Taken 28th Jan '10: Peshterite, Off Ski Road

The Peshterite Location

If you are done for the day, then it really is simple to find. Cruise down the snow road which leads back to the main bottom gondola lift station, and 200m AFTER the Chalin Valog turn off, you will see two more signs beckoning you to a restaurant to your left.

It’s called Peshterite (The caves), see photo below for Cyrillic sign. Remove your skis and boards and enjoy a local experience.



The decision to make is as to whether you are skiing again that day. If you do want more skiing, then you’ll have a realistic four minute walk back to the slopes of the two Chalin Valog lifts. At Chalin Valog you have one beginners button drag lift or, the often fabulous, black run from the high speed quad chair lift.

Follow Your Instructor

Like many of  the best places in Bansko, you’ll find ski instructors enjoying an affordable large cool Pirinsko beer and a x levs Shopska Salad, a x lev chicken chop, a x leva omlette and x lev french fries. I have respected a request from the owner to remove the actual prices from the article. But please comment below if you liked this bar/restaurant and please subscribe for more articles like this…. some info I just cannot make so widely visible.

I have huge thanks to pass on to Dave for this discovery. Peshterite is a family business and they were very welcoming. But I’m all too aware that prices change in an instant, so do comment below on your experiences of this place.

Ski Conditions And Forecast

20cm of fresh snow made for excellent skiing this morning. Snowing more now. High winds shut Tadorka and Plato areas. More snow forecast for tonight. Temperatures will drop Tuesday – making for “Powder Tuesday” Great for the rest of the week. Snow Saturday — I think.

Tip Of The Day

Injuries happen when tired. Progress slowly and within your limits. Enjoy, it’s not a competition.


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  1. Baz says:

    cant agree more lance, it is excellent. We found this restaurant last March when the ski instructor took some off our party there for lunch. We ended up visiting regularly at the end of the day on the way down the ski road for a few beers before heading back town. Heading out again in Feb and will definetely be back

  2. Sheree and Alan says:

    Been going to Peshterite for 2 years now. We like the soup, and great chips. Beer is cheaper then other bars on the Ski road. It’s also a great setting

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