Snow And More Snow To Come: Bansko Opens In Style

Dec 15, 2009 4 Comments by

The snow forecast is… more snow. What a fabulous start to the ski season. There’ is over 70cm of snow on Todorka. All liftS are open. The snow arrived just in time for the Saturday’s opening ceremony that Mark Girardelli win the ski legends slalom. Whilst we wait for pistes to be fully groomed, the very good news there is more snow on its way. Saturday and Sunday, when the skies could clear, will see Bansko at its early season best.

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I always look at the charts here and try to ignore other sites… although the accuview forecast seems to be as good as any I have seen so far. But welcome your comments on forecasting services and their reliability. So in very simply terms, I look for some storms,  indicated by low pressure.  And for these weather fronts to move slowly over south eastern Bulgaria. And there are plenty…

…Thursday and Friday we can see the low pressure weather system move down from Ukraine in the North… so very low temperatures this weekend will mean not just fabulous conditions this weekend but all next week. Special offer luxury accommodation available for this weekend. Looks like conditions are nicely set up for Christmas the week after. Another dump then will be hoped for. The only risk on weather is a warm southerly “foehn” wind from the south which has been known to spoil things. But at the moment this is not evident — and out of a reliable forecast range of seven days. So let’s not worry about that.

Must dash as I need to buy a helmet. Why I have waited this long to buy one, I really don’t know… what price one’s head? But I just tried a Giro G9 and G10 and they fit like a glove. Can’t recommend Giro G9 and G10 enough. Well know for years and even more well known amongst mountain biking and cycling enthusiasts.

It’s rumoured that Borovets will open on the 18th — a day earlier than the official 19th as at the moment there is just a single drag lift open there. Vitosha and Pamporovo not open yet but have enjoyed good snow falls as well.

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4 Responses to “Snow And More Snow To Come: Bansko Opens In Style”

  1. John King says:

    Hi Lance, I will be paying my second visit to Bansko over the new year, together with my brother in law we have purchased an apartment at Crystal Apartments. On this occasion we will be bringing the other half's. Do you know of any New Years Parties that are taking place for mature kids (age 62) looking for a nice meal and dance afterwards. Many Thanks John King .The forecast looks good.

  2. LanceNelson says:

    Hi John,

    Anyone got some suggestions for John? Mehenas turn into a party and dancing in the ailes in these is normal. Do book now because Bansko will be very busy then.

    I'll be staying in with friends and maybe invite some friends nearby and then going out down to the square and just soak up the atmosphere and the chaos just before midnight. If you mean night clubs, try ozygen, basecamp, brilliantine… or maybe the payner club for an authentic chalga night … not sure your other halves will like that… so let's see if we get some more ideas here.

    On the 29th I will be holding a banskoblog gathering… well a place I will be drinking and a chance to meet some folks. subscribe to hear for details when announced.


  3. Nick Matyas says:

    It’s really an impressive posting. I liked it & think that it will be helpful for others. Keep up the good work. Good luck.

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  4. LanceNelson says:

    thanks Nick for your encouragement. Especially when today I accidently deleted my best ski conditions video report!

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