Snow Conditions

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Bansko Pirin Street In Snow

Snow scene from last season will this 09/10 season deliver this much snow again?

Bansko snow conditions: Web cams tell the story…with over 80 cm of snow at Todorka and 60cm at Bunderitsa. But I’ll leave it to the first of our resident snow bloggers, Nikolai Chongarov, a member of the Bulgaria Ski Team, to sum up the conditions.

“Hello, dear blog readers. My name is Nikola Chongarov, I am a ski racer in the Bulgarian Ski Team. Right now I am in Bansko and I decided to write a little something about the conditions and the mood here.

Today was a cold day with the temperatures around -10º, -12º C. The snow coverage on the mountain is about 70cm. All the ski trails are opened now as it has been snowing, on and off, for the last three days.

And right now it’s really coming down hard.

On top of that the snow guns are blasting non stop. There is 10-15cm of new snow down in the village only from the past 3 hours. Tomorrow should be a great day for powder skiing. I envy all you guys that are here or coming soon for a vacation, because I have a race Saturday and Sunday and I can’t go out for free skiing.

Otherwise there has been more and more people arriving here since the conditions got a lot better over the past couple of days. The mood is pretty exciting before Christmas and New Year. Everyone seems happy that the long year is coming to an end.

I am going to be training here with the team until the 23rd and then from 26th to 30th so you will probably hear from me again about the change in conditions. Take care!”

Thanks Nick! Snow forecast is for more snow tomorrow as you say. So things have changed a little since my last forecast. Nonetheless, it’s all good news. Temperatures will drop with cold clear nights. This will mean that we’ll soon have the run down to Bansko main gondola station open soon. And some more snow on Tuesday is my bet.

It will be interesting to see if the cold front coming down through the Alps on Wednesday makes it as far as the Pirin. I suspect not but keep a close eye on it here: as well as the accuview forecast.

Full credit to Howies, my merino wool vest arrived the following day from ordering it. Merino wool featured in my 2010 ski fashion and gear review. They are highly recommended. Keeping me really warm. Now off to pick up Giro G10 helmet. I’m converted that my head is worth it, some might say only just though.

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