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Bansko weather. Clear blue skies and over 90cm of snow on upper runs and 70cm on lower. The current very cold weather should mean excellent Christmas skiing, although temperatures look as if they will rise. Most runs are open. No lift queues — and excellent snow conditions already reported.

21st December: Gondola Base Station

21st December: Gondola Base Station

Thanks to Frank Nadler for these pictures today. More fab pictures from Nikola Chongarov here:

Some more photos from the Bansko town and a view up the Glazne river, all taken this morning, Monday 21st December.

Borovets is now open and also has excellent snow cover. Like Bansko, Borovets will have good ski conditions for at least the next six days. Some more cloud on its way, but should still be very skiable and looking sunny for Thursday and Christmas Day.


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  1. dragos says:

    Hi Lance, thanks for the update on the weather. I am planning to arrive in Bansko next Sunday and the forecast looks dangerously warm… Do you have any updates for the first week of January in regards to snow/ski forecast? Thanks a lot! Dragos, Romania

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Dragos,

      Happy New Year!

      Wow… what amazing fireworks. video of these up here soon.

      It's very warm and sunny in Bansko this New Year Day. You can see viseo and pictures here.

      The good news it will snow Saturday and temperatures will fall. Should be very good Monday onwards.


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