International Mountain Film Festival 2009: Full Guide & Timetable

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The Bansko 2009 International Mountain Film Festival from the 25th to 29th Novmber is an annual Bansko event recently highlighted with “My Bansko” film trailer earlier This film, by Christopher Hampe and Frank Nadler, will be premiered on Wednesday, November 25th at 15:20 at the “ceremonial hall” of the community hall (Chitalishte) on the main square. Don’t miss this one. Those that know Frank, Bansko’s only Bavarian resident, would agree with me that he and Christophe will have almost certainly produced a film of the highest calibre. But if mountain ski and board action is your thing, then be sure to catch What’s That Cuming Over The Hills? — not my misspelling! Take a peek at the film’s trailer below. It showcases some of Bansko’s snowboard and ski action — off piste, board park and freeride.

Speaking to Frank recently, he explained that that the Bansko Film Festival is not publicised that widely — and not that far in advance. So I am delighted to have the full film programme and timetable in English (well, a kind of English as translated by Google), and also in Bulgarian.

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November 25, Wednesday

Screenings held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

09.00-09.26 – “On the track of the Thracians, Bulgaria, 2006, Rumyana Angelakova, Feodora Surgov, 26 ‘
A film about the ancient traditions of the Bulgarian lands. . Unique story about a Thracian sanctuary in the Western Rhodopes, which is used in the same way today as in 3000 and before

09.26-10.14 – “Scenery of Stone, Great Britain, 2006, David Holstad, Alistair Lee, 48 ‘(” Set in stone “, Great Britain, 2006, David Halsted, Alistair Lee, 48’)
A film about one of the greatest British climbers – Dave Birkin, climbed to his many (mostly in the style trad) and above all in “Return of the King” (E9, 6c) on the eastern edge of Skafal (978 m, the highest tip of England Lake District).

10.14-11.59 – “Flavors of Alpshtayn, Switzerland, 2008, Thomas Rikenman, 105 ‘(” Schoenheiten des Alpsteins “/” The beauty of the Alpstein “, Switzerland, 2008, Thomas Rickenmann, 105’).
Approximation to the charm and beauty of motion Apentselskite Swiss Alps in the canton of Appenzell, in the northeastern part of the country.
2009 г. Diploma from the 44th Film Festival in Solothurn (Switzerland), 2009

11.59-12.45 – “From 0 to 8,000 meters, Republic, 2006, Radek Yarosh, 47 ‘(” Od nuly do osmi tisic metrů “, Czech Republic, 2006, Radek JaroÅ¡,` 46)
The protagonist of the film – now famous mountaineer Czech Radek Yarosh, which has assets in his nine Eight-thousander begins its journey to the highest mountains of various sports. Navigate by kayak, climb rock walls, then ice routes. Finale of his efforts at this stage of his career was on Dhaulagiri expedition.

12.45-13.00 – break

13.00-14.00 hours – The Opening Of An Exhibition of a parallel program to the Banskofilmfest — 2009

13.00 hours – opening by Mr Peraro Etzion, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia, a photo exhibition dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of the legendary Italian climber Riccardo Kassin – the lobby of the Hotel Villa Roka Bansko 2770, Glazne 37b , phone: +359 7498 8337, fax: +359 7498 8446,,

13.20 hours – in the lobbies of the library Vaptzarov (Square NY Vaptsarov 14, 0749 88039, in the heart of Bansko) detection of photo exhibitions and exhibitions:

Protected karst areas in Bulgaria: the importance and Rehabilitation, author: Petar Stefanov, Dimitar Maglova, Alexey Stoev and Dilyana Stefanova,

– “80 years organized mountaineering in Bulgaria”, author Taco Mladenov,

– 2009-A – Polar Year “, the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute

– Historical photos along the Erma, Free Tsvetkov (Tsaribrod)

– Painting: “Mountains” by Emil Kaloyanov and philosophy of life “of Nanyu Bakalov Tarnovo

– Sculpture: plastic paper “Little Ida’s Garden”, author Roumen Rachkov
– Exhibition Club Tsarevets in Focus, authors Krassimira Stoilova, Milen Dzhanovski and others.

– “Bulgaria – my love” – photography exhibition of Mirek and Petr Oship Ostrovsky, including 36 color photographs taken during the two-month trip to Bulgaria in August and September 2006, the eve of the country’s entry into the European Union.

– Exhibition “Images of the old mountaineering albums – 1929-1959” the black and white photographs made during different seasons, mainly in Rila, Pirin and Vitosha in the period 1929-1959 is documented on one of the first ascent of the highest peak in Austria – Grossglockner by Bulgarian mountaineers in 1931 on the photos included many of the founders of YUTS, SIP, of Bulgarian mountaineering club in 1929 and the initiation of construction of an observatory of Black Peak. The selection was made from the photo archive of Naum Shopov (1908-1975) by his son Ivan Popjordanov.

14.00 hours – opening by Her Excellency Ms. Tove Skarsteyn, Ambassador of Norway in Bulgaria, the exhibition “Arctic Norway” by Vladimir Donkov – Hotel Gardenia “(2770, Bansko, Tsar Simeon 72, phone: 0749 86900, Fax: 0749 86903, gardenia.reservations @,

Screenings: the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

14.00-14.30 – Vitosha, my love, Bulgaria, 2009, Anastas Dzhidrov, Elena Dimitrova, 30 ‘
Documentary on Mount Vitosha, seen in all its seasons. The story is led by Nikola Krastev, a longtime mountaineer, polar geophysicist and – a participant in the polar expeditions of Bulgaria. The film aims to wake up – mostly young people – love of mountain near to Sofia, a wonderful place for rest and relaxation after work everyday.
The film is supported by the Department of Culture of the Metropolitan Municipality.

14.30-14.50 – “Zone of cosmic energy”, Bulgaria, 2009, Evgeny Popov, 20 ‘
Music and romance of the Seven Lakes in the eyes of Pachev Methods of Pazardzhik – mountaineer, a student at Sofia University.

14.50-15.20 – “Mirror of Dreams”, Italy, 2008, Antonio Masena, 30 ‘( “Lo specchio dei sogni”? “Mirror of dreams”, Italy, 2008, Antonio Massena, 30’)
The story of six people, each living their own lives. At the same time each carries in his soul a passion for mountaineering. And how is the latter correlates with the problems of everyday stress and tension with a furious pace that leaves no room for reflection, review and search for yourself? The comments sound like a kind of leitmotif in the demand for each of the six sense of  life, and dealt with climbing.

15.20-16.02 – “My Bansko.The Story of a Bavarian in Bulgaria, Germany / Bulgaria, 2009, Christoph Hampel, Frank Nadler, 42
This is a story about love at first sight, a German from Bavaria to the Pirin and Bansko. The brief comments of Frank Nadler against the background of pictures that recreate various aspects of life in Bansko, clearly show that his heart belongs forever in a wonderful spot at the foot of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains.

16.00-16.10 – break

Screenings in the Conference Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

09.30-10.20 – “Where the mountains are seen closely, Italy, 2008, Fabio Dzhanoti, 50 ‘(” Dove le montagne chiudono “/” Where the mountains close up “, Italy, 2008, Fabio Gianotti, 50’)

Twelve residents of the Stura Valley (Valle Stura) tell about their lives in the mountains and the difficult years during World War II. 2009. – The official selection of the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009.

10.20-10.50 – “The highest point of Shishapangma, Republic, 2003, Radek Yarosh, 30 ‘(” High point expedition Shisha Pangma “, Czech Republic, 2003, Radek JaroÅ¡, 30’)
Czech story of the first ascent of the south wall of Shishapangma in alpine style, showing the routine of everyday life in the camps, killing difficulties of climbing and unbounded joy of success.

10.50-11.48 – “White” ( “White”), Bulgaria, 2009, Aleko Zhelyazkov, 58 ‘
The documentary “White” explores the dreams, emotions, motivations and lifestyles of people committed to freedom and extreme skiing. It has driven in a dozen mountain regions in Bulgaria and abroad, interviews and a few short humorous plays.

11.48-12.44 – Polish Himalayas – parvopokoritelite, Poland, 2008, Anna Maria Filipov, Krzysztof Vielitski, Yen Sheroki, 56 ‘( “Poskie Himalaje, pierwszy zdobywcy”, Polska, 2008, Anna-Maria Filipow, Krzysztof Wielicki, Jen Sheroky, 56 ‘)
Film retrospective of Polish contacts with the highest mountains, which began in 1939 with the ascent of the eastern tip of Nandan Devi (7434 m) in the Himalayas by Jakub Garhvalskite Buyak and Janusz Klarner.

12.45-14.00 – break

14.00-14.28 – Beton, Bulgaria, 2009, Nikolai Vasilev, 28 ‘
“Concrete is a sad story for a bagpipe, the fire, garbage and strength. Embers of the forest, mountains of cans and people who have the will to face the gray thought.

14.28-15.26 – “A woman of 30, Italy, 2008, Michele Trentino, 58 ‘(” Cheyenne, trent’anni “/” Cheyenne at thirty “, Italy, 2008, Michele Trentini, 58’)

A woman of 30 years, born in Germany, decided to radically change her life and settled in the mountains of Trentino (Northern Italy), where he engaged pastirstvo – close to nature, to sheep, but above all to the people. Won First prize at the XIII Film Festival in Valsusa Bardonechiya (Italy), 2009, in the competition of 57th International Mountain Film Festival in Trento (Italy), 2009

15.26-16.00 – “Sisters of the Himalayas, Poland, 2008, Dariusz Zaluski, 34 ‘(” Siostry Himalajów “/” Sisters of Himalaya “, Polska, 2008, Dariusz ZaÅ‚uski, 34’)
Dedication of a film about a group of young Nepali women and girls into the secrets of climbing on ice. Eva and Robert Concha Kazhmierski Foundation of “The Magic Mountain” climbing organize courses for troubled youth. Thus was born the idea to help Lucky Chetri, which prepares young nepalki for mountain guides and thus gives them the chance to work and livelihood. Real attraction in this movie are its characters – young, charming, with sense of humor that ice climbing is more fun than challenging.

16.00-16.10 – break

“Meetings in the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

16.10-17.00 – Presentation “Astronomy in Ancient Thrace, meeting with two of the most prominent specialists in the country arheoastronomiya Maglova Penka and Alexey Stoev, director of the observatory in Stara Zagora, vice-president of Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, President of Tourist Association Surnena gora (Stara Zagora).

17.00-17.10 – break

17.10-18.00 – meeting with Goli Augusto (Italy) President of Jury in Bansko in 2009 – artistic director of the largest, oldest and most prestigious International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, a writer, journalist, mountaineer and adventurer with climbs in the Alps, the Nepalese Himalayas, Central Asia, North and South America, the presentation will be on “Tourism and mountaineering in the Dolomites from 1924 until they were notified by UNESCO in 2009 as part of World Heritage.

“In the Great Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

18.30 – opening

19.30-21.00 – meeting with Kurt Dimberger (Austria / Italy) – Patriarch of world mountaineering, the first and only person ever makes first climb of the Eight-thousander who visited Bulgaria, entered first into the world of Ford peak (8047 meters) in 1957 and on Dhaulagiri (8167 m) in 1961, one of three climbers (only alive) having two premieres of peaks above 8000 meters, one of the greatest photographers and cameraman, author of numerous books and photo albums.

22.00 – night film at the Ceremonial Hall of the library “N. Vaptsarov “

22.00-23.25 – “On both sides of the border, Italy, 2008, Alberto Andzani, 85 ‘(” Sul confine “/” On the border “, Italy, 2008, Alberto Anzani, 85’) feature
Story for smugglers of cigarettes in the mountains, which runs the Swiss-Italian border in the years of World War I, when this activity is one of the few means of survival. But it has its deeply human aspects, which way to search director Alberto Andzani, who is also the author of the book of the same name, served as a primary source literature.
International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009

23.25-23.33 – Urucha, Brazil, in 2008, Eric Grigorovska, 8 ‘( “Uruca (7 º VIIIc E4)”, Brasilia, 2008, Erick Grigorovski, 8’
Its author, Eric Grigorovska deals with graphic design and animation from 1999 A hobby is climbing. So by a combination of profession and passion are born three films “Anima Fear”, “Terra Incognita” and last “Uruca (5.11/5.13c)”, which is dedicated to a climb in the most difficult round of rock Pao de Asukar (Sugar Loaf or “sugar lump”), rising on the shore of the Gulf of Guanabara Bay on 396 meters above the Atlantic Ocean.

23.33-23.59 – “ogre”, Italy, 2008, Carly Diego, 26 ‘( “Orçe” / “Ogre”, Italy, 2008, Diego Carli, 26’)
Such a thing was not in the current program Banskofilmfest – feature horror movie theme of mountaineering! This is the reading of ancient legend from the mountains of Lessines the most inaccessible part of them is inhabited by a strange creature. It shares territory with the local inhabitants, who in their own language called Orche (ogre). Both sides have tacitly agreed to peaceful coexistence. But it is disturbed by humans. … And it begins …
– Best film of Lessines XIV “Film festival della Lessinia” in Verona, in 2008,
– Best piece of horror literature in National contest “Horror Show”, section “Media”, 2008,
– Best horror film International Film Festival in Rome, in 2008,
“The reign of horror”, 2009 г., – Prize for best direction of the contest “The reign of horror”, in 2009,
“The reign of horror”, 2009 г., – Audience Award from the contest “The reign of horror”, in 2009,
– Participation (2008 and 2009) in international film festivals in Santiago (Chile) Trikase (Italy) Pordenone (Italy), Atlanta (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Amberg (Germany), Turin, Florence, Spoleto, Cuneo (Italy), Athens (Greece) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

November 26th, Thursday

“ Screenings in the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N.Vaptsarov “

09.00-09.38 – “Carnival of Santa Ploniya, Italy, 2008, Apollo Angelo, 38 ‘(” Il Carnevale di “S. Plonia” / “Apollonia’s Carnival”, Italy, 2008, Angelo Appolloni, 38’)
It appear specially made masks, various rituals, scenes and dances. Typical carnival characters – and Matadzin Matadzere and dancing throughout the day with local people came from surrounding villages. A culmination of a two-day street festival is a performance of the play “The Golden Chiudrutsu.

09.38-10.06 – “Grab the mountain” (II part), Bulgaria, 2009, Yordan Yordanov, 28

Middle-aged man without a map and compass along the ridge of the mountain. Five-day adventure in Dryanovo, Teteven, Troyan Balkan Gabrovo and meetings with interesting people and their stories of the mountain. Impressions from huts and markings. A breath of fresh air away from the grayness of the city.

10.06-10.23 – rock legend Arco, Italy, 2006, Francesco Mandzuti, Vichinio Stefanelo, 17 ‘( “Arco rock legend”, Italy, 2006, Francesco Mansutti, Vicinio Stefanello, 17’)

One of the world centers of climbing through the eyes of the biggest stars in dispute with the gravity and during one of the race “Rock Masters.

10.23-11.24 – Ausangate, USA / Peru, 2006, Andrea Hekman, Tad Fetig, 61 ‘( “Ausangate”, USA / Peru, 2006, Andrea Heckman, Tad Fettig, 61’)
Representatives of the Quechua tribe in Peru have faced a dilemma to go to cities in search of livelihood and survival, or be true to their nature and their traditions, while remaining in Ausangate, and continue to live as ever before.
Голямата награда за документален филм от 17-тия фестивал “ Video & Film Festival” в Бъркли, Калифорния, 2008 г. Grand Prize for a documentary on 17th Festival “Video & Film Festival” in Berkeley, California, 2008

11.24-11.33 – Axum – the spiritual capital of Ethiopia, UK / Ethiopia, Mark Uotmor, 9 ‘( “Aksum, Ethiopia’s spiritual capital”, Great Britain / Ethiopia, Mark Whatmore, “Yoho Media”, 9’)

Axum is the name of the country (and simultaneously on its capital), which was located on the territory of present-day Ethiopia from I to VI AD, and controlled all the ports in the Red Sea, through which it was trading in the vast space of ancient Rome to India. The film is carried by an international program to encourage young film-scorer in Africa.

11.33-12.18 – “mad years of the Austrian mountaineering, Austria, in 2007, Wolfgang Nairts, Wolfgang Rebernik, 45 ‘(” The wild seventies “, Austria, 2007, Wolfgang Nairz, Wolfgang Rebernik, 45’)

Wolfgang Nairts is one of the biggest names in the history of Austrian and world mountaineering, expedition leader, within which in 1978, Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler their first ascent of Everest without oxygen, a pioneer in deltplanerizma highest планини. He tells of the most significant events in the 70’s and 80’s of the twentieth century, aided by no less illustrious colleagues – Prof. Oswald Yold, the largest specialist in altitude medicine in the world, Hans Schell and others.

12.18-13.01 – “In the highest pass in the world, Germany, 2009, Ian Kerkhof, 43 ‘(” Uber die hochsten Passe der Welt “, Germany, 2009, Jan Kerckhoff, 43’)
Jacob camera should train in the northern province of Dolpo Nepali, on the border with China, which is the last enclave of pure Tibetan culture. And besides, is characterised by an almost untouched by human nature, and offers fabulous scenery of extraordinary beauty.

13.00-14.00 – break

14.00-14.26 – Vna – a village near the hotel, Switzerland, 2008, Susanna Fantsun (Television Romanska of Switzerland), 26 ‘( “Vnà – in vitg in hotel” / “Vnà – ein Dorf wird zum Hotel” / Vnà – a village a hotel “, Switzerland, 2008, Susanna Fanzun (Televisiun Rumantscha), 26 ‘
By all accounts it seems that it is doomed to depopulation, occurs when a project that radically alter the present and creates hope for the future.

14.26-14.45 – “Ice Race, Czechia, 2009, Václav Svoboda, 19 ‘(” Red Bull crashed ice “, Czech Republic, 2009, Václav Svoboda, 19’)
Film report from the race in a little-known winter sports – something between Short-Trek and fast ice skating, but a straight 365-meter ice track with no bumps and curves, which took place during the winter of this year in Vishehrad. Amazing show in front of 7000 of 112 athletes from 15 countries, with a final winner Miika Yuukamaynen (Finland).
International Mountain Film Festival in Edinburgh (Scotland, Poprad (Slovakia), Vancouver (Canada), Montreal.

14.45-15.47 – “The Experience of Cerro Torre in 1958-a, Italy, 2009, Lorenzo Pevarelo, 62 ‘(” C’ e pane per i tuoi denti “/” 1958: Attempt on Cerro Tore “, Italy, 2009, Lorenzo Pevarello, 62 ‘)

Italian expedition to Cerro Torre in Patagonia in 1957 / 1958 launched a long series of initiatives in this part of the world where they are concentrated among the most beautiful and most inaccessible peaks. Our unique historical footage back to the beginning of the grassroots in Patagonia alpinism.
– In the competition program of the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009 g.Trento Film Festival 2009.

15.45-16.00 – break

16.00-17.07 – “Polish” Himalayas – the biggest tragedies, Poland, 2008, Anna Maria Filipov, Krzysztof Vielitski, 67 ‘( “Polskie Himalaje, najwieksze tragedie”, Polska, 2008, Anna-Maria Filipow, Krzysztof Wielicki, 67 ‘)

17.07-17.43 – “Beyond the rock wall, Italy, 2009, Orlando, Elio, 36 ‘(” Oltre la parete “/” Beyond the wall “, Italy, 2009, Elio Orlandi, 36’)

Mountaineering and climbing means pleasure, passion, calm, gusty spirit, shared passion, mutual respect and much more which can generally be called a great experience. But what does it out of the rock wall in everyday life, where there are other very important things? This film is a spontaneous,and modest attempt to answer this question by someone who knows very well what comes after dozens of its premieres in Patagonia and its hundreds of ascents in the Alps and Dolomites.
The Audience Award at the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009.

17.45-18.10 – break

Meetings at the Great Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Й. Вапцаров” Vaptsarov “

18.10-19.00 – meeting with Spray Gustafson, 17th man in the world and the first representative of Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries, which climbed all osemhilyadnitsi the Earth, on 26 July this year, entered the Gasherbrum-1 (peak Hidan, 8068 m) with Hiraide cameraman Kazuo (Japan) and Bulgaria Nikolay Petkov, Doychin Boyanov, Boyan Petrov, Nikolai Valkov.

19.00-19.10 – break

19.10-20.00 – meeting with Alessandro Anderloni, caver, climber, cameraman, director and composer, artistic director of the Mountain Film Festival in Lessines known in Bulgaria with the movie “The Abyss” ( “L’Abisso” Italy, 2005, Alessandro Anderloni, 75 ‘) program of the Sixth Festival in Bansko (2006), shown repeatedly in many places after that.

20-20.10 – recreation

20.10-21.00 – meeting with the famous weather forecaster at the National Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology of the BAS and mountaineer Orlin Lazarov; presentation ‘Trekking on Mount Athos with unique footage from the peninsula of the Monastic Republic.

22.00 hours – movie night – in the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

“Dreaming in Grozny, Switzerland, 2008, Fulvio Mariani, Mario Kazela, 95 ‘(” Grozny dreaming “, Switzerland, 2008, Fulvio Mariani, Mario Casella, 95’)
In summer 2007 the Caucasian Chamber Orchestra tour takes in the name of peace throughout the region. It should film crew led by one of the best Swiss film directors – Musicians who are most different nationalities and their conductor – German, who has settled and lived in Georgia proved that collaboration is possible – regardless of religious, cultural and ethnic differences. And the music breaks down all barriers and borders and becomes a symbol of peace and inter ethnic cooperation in the region, recently torn by wars and conflicts.
– Special Prize “Cassa Rurale di Trento” by the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009,
– Prize “Lessinia d’oro” from Lessines Film Festival (Italy), 2008,

– The film was an official selection of the festival “Documentarist 2009” in Istanbul, the festival of Al Dzhaziira “(2009), the festival in Solothurn(Switzerland) in 2009

November 27th, Friday

“Screenings in the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

09.00-09.15 – “The Last Mohicans, Poland, 2008, Marcin Tashiemski, 15 ‘(” Ostatni mohikanin “/” The Last of the Mohicans “, Poland, 2008, Marcin Tasiemski, 15’)
Unassuming but extremely enjoyable and entertaining film about one of the oldest ski lifts in Poland, huge efforts of a group of enthusiasts in fulfilling its purpose today.

09.15-10.07 – “Uncle Sem and the Bosnian Dream ‘, Italy, 2008, Kiara Brambila, 52′ (” Lo zio Sem & il sogno bosniaco “/” Uncle Sem & the Bosnian dream “, Italy, 2008, Chiara Brambilla, 52 ‘ )
In the village High (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Semir Osmanagich – amateur archaeologist says he has found the largest pyramids in the world and longs to make his birthplace a world tourist center. He kept his opinion and enter into violent conflict with the scientific capacity, which at times becomes the nature of comedy. Against this background, life runs in the small mountain village where suddenly there are born big dreams and hopes.

10.07-11.10 – “Far North,” Canada, 2008, Frank Wolf, 63 ‘(” Borealis “, Canada, 2008, Frank Wolf, 63’)
Kinorazkaz for the incredible journey of 3100 kilometers from kayaks to 75 days of the Canadian director and cinematographer Frank Wolf and possessing no experience his friend Taku Hokoyama Porteydzh and from Maine to Winnipeg in the vicinity of Sound Money in Ontario. They pass through the wooded wilderness Barial the border between the U.S. and Canada, where 25 percent are reserved by the ancient virgin forests on Earth. With a deep sense of mission Frank and Haku fight anxiety, because this region begin to connect their intentions representatives of the mining industry and elektrodobiva. This is a film of an environmental theme with the highest quality.
Grand Prix of the International Mountain Film Festival in Vancouver (Canada), 2008,
– Best Documentary at the International Festival in Vancouver, 2008.

11.10-11.21 – “Limit”, Iran, 2008, Sayed Sattar Hamann Goal, 11 ‘( “Border”, Iran, 2008, Seyed Sattar Chamani Gol, 11’)
Iraqi family takes a trip through the difficult winter mountain on the border with Iran to accompany the young bride to her future husband. But the attendants at the border were stopped by border guards and the young woman must own to reach the high ridge and cross the border, beyond which it is to live …
– International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009

11.21-12.13 – SS26, Italy, 2009, Valerio Folk, 52 ‘( “SS 26”, Italy, 2009, Valerio Folco, 52’)
SS26 is the name of the road along which the Italian climber Alberto Nyero spent five years in extreme climb in search of maximum difficulty and the “ideal line”. He passes his author line 9a assessment, but also across sheltered places with incredible beauty. The author shows different sides of the privacy of the climber, looking for the roots of his motivation and domogva to solving the mystery of why a person seeks to overcome enormous difficulties, without it brings nothing but inner satisfaction.
2009 г. – In international competition Mountain Film Festival in Trento and Chervinya, 2009

12.13-12.59 – “The Line of Life, Ukraine, 2009, Sergei Dolbilov, 46 ‘
Film portrait of the famous Odessa Vladislav Terziul climber went missing while trying to climb on Makalu (8463 meters) in May 2004 he was among the most experienced “visochinnitsi in the world and had 13 Eight-thousander ascents – all without oxygen. Outstanding personal contributions to the development of sport in Ukraine, for your bravery and heroism of the country, President Leonid Kuchma awards him with the medal “For courage” – the first degree.

13.00-14.00 – break

14.00-14.27 – Yartsa gumbu – alhimiya in the Himalayas, Bulgaria, 2008, Gerasim Velichkov, 27 ‘
In addition to peaks in the Himalayas, there are other, unexpected miracles. Yartsa gumbu is a hybrid between a caterpillar and parasitic fungus. She lives in a remote valley high in the Himalayas. Why raw men are willing to cut their throats in rivalry for one mutant out of these distant mountains?

14.27-14.44 – Murge karst phenomenon “(third episode), Italy, 2008, Cosimo slippers, 17 ‘(” Murgia fenomeno carsico “/” Murgia karst phenomenon “(3 episode), Italy, 2008, Cosimo Terlizzi, 17’)
An extraordinary journey into the National Park Alta Murge, covering huge karst fields, where the landscape has undergone enormous changes resulting from various impacts.
– Jury prize at film festivals in Calabria, Catanzaro, 2008,
– Best documentary of Festival “Città in Corto” in Rome in 2008,
– Jury Prize at the International Ecological Film Festival in Lecce, 2008,
– First prize at film festivals “Marcarolo” in Gavi (Italy), 2008,
– Best documentary film festival “Corti di Natura” in Bari, in 2008,
– Best Documentary Film Festival of “Lucania” in Pistitsi, 2008,
– Jury Award at film festivals in Trani (Italy), 2008,
– Best documentary film festival “Giovinazzo a Corto di Cinema” in Dzhovanatso (Italy), 2008
– 2009 – participation in the festival “Salento Finibus Terrae” in Lecce (Italy), Festival of European Cinema in Lecce / Puglia, the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, international festival of documentary film in London, “Roma DocScient” in Rome ,
2008 – participation in the Festival “Mitreo Film in Caserta (Italy), Videofestivala East-West” in Udine (Italy), Festival of independent film in Foggia, film festivals in Novara, Festival “Cinefira” in Ravenna, the International Film Festival “Cinema Breve della Città dell’Aquila” in Aquila Festival “Solunto” in Palermo, the International festival “Cinema di Frontiera” in Mardzameni (Italy) Film Festival Murge, Festival “Volcano Film” in Riposto (Italy).

14.44-15.37 – “In the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen. (“In Nansen footsteps. Through Franc Josef Land”, Norway, 2009, Borge Ousland, Thomas Ulrich, 53′) Franz-crossing Iossifova Land, Norway, 2009, Børge Ausland, Thomas Ulrich, 53 ‘( “In Nansen footsteps. Through Franc Josef Land”, Norway, 2009, Borge Ousland, Thomas Ulrich, 53’)
The largest polar explorer of our time, well known from his visit last year in our Norwegian Børge Ausland, and his permanent partner in recent years – Swiss Thomas Ulrich, take a trip in the footsteps of the legendary Norwegian scientist, explorer, explorer Fridtjof Nansen and public and Hyalmar his companion Johansen, acting in their style – only two, without support staff, without any “zabroski” from the air or pre-organized camps. The film was shot only two efforts – both brought their award for conversion under extreme conditions in 2007 in Bansko Patagonia, the journey toward the end of the world. “
– Bansko will be premiered abroad for this film.

15.38-14.45 – Gondar – the capital of the empire, Britain / Ethiopia, Mark Uotmor, 7 ‘( “Gondar, the imperial capital”, Great Britain / Ethiopia, Mark Whatmore, “Yoho Media”, 7’)
Gondar is an old imperial capital and principal city of ancient Ethiopia in Begemder Province, adjacent to the Simi Massif (highest peak – Ras Dashen, 4543 m), which has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage in 1978, the film was carried in an international program to encourage young film-scorer in Africa.

15.45-16.00 – break

16.00-16.23 – “Cho Oyyu, 8201 meters, Republic, 2004, Radek Yarosh, 23 ‘(” Craft Cho Oyu 8201 “, Czech Republic, 2004, Radek JaroÅ¡, 23’)
Yarosh Radek and Martin Koukal tread the sixth peak in the world. Yarosh for the fourth time this Eight-thousander – after Everest (8848 meters in 1998), Kangchendzyonga (8586 m, 2002) and Broad Peak (8047 m, 2003).Now has nine top category of the highest – in addition to those listed, Shishapangma (8013 m, 2004), Nanga Parbat (8125 m, 2005), Dhaulagiri (8167 m, 2008), Makalu (8463 meters , 2008) and Manaslu (8156 m, 2009). He made no secret that seeks to become the first Cech, owner of Himalayan crown.

16.23-17,58 – On the Edge, Germany, 2007, Pepe Dankvart, 95 ‘( “Am Limit” / “To the Limit”, Germany, 2007, Pepe Danquart, 95’)
This film was awarded the Grand Prize of the oldest and most prestigious International Mountain Film Festival in Trento (Italy) in 2007, its characters are the famous brothers Alex and Thomas Huber, who attempt speed record for rounds in “The Nose in Yosemite National Park (California), a director – Dankvart Pepe, who won the Oscar for short film in 1992 “Schwarzfahrer” ( “Gratischiya). In this film there is participation of Bulgaria – Ivailo Ninov (Jerry – as is known in Bulgaria, Ivo Ninov – as you know in the U.S.) as head of security at the team photos on the rocky cliffs in the “soft” th of climbing.
– The Bavarian Film Prize, 2008,
– Golden Film Award of Germany in 2008

18.00-18.10 – break

Screenings in the Conference Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

09.00-09.29 – “A journey through the Albanian Alps, Italy, 2009, Miko Hair, David Sigele, 29 ‘(” Bocca, occhi, orecchie, un viaggio nelle Alpi Albanesi “/” Lips, eyes, ears. A journey through the Albanian Alps “, Italy, 2009, Micol Cossali, Davide Sighele, 29 ‘)
Monica teaches albanologiya in Puglia (Italy), Gianni is talking Albanian community arbereshi in the region of Calabria, Michael is a specialist in Indo-European languages in the Netherlands. Linguistic interests cause them to leave their offices and to initiate research in the region of Scutari – one of the quieter valleys among the majestic mountains of northwestern Albania.
The competition program of the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009

09.29-09.40 – Snow gambling, Republic, 2009, Radek Karko, Jakub Shimunek, 11 ( “Red bull tricky roulette”, Czech Republic, 2009, Red Bull Czech Republic, Radek Karko, Jakub Å imůnek, 11 ‘
Modern competitions for free skiing (free riding) are increasingly attracted to gambling. Participants are as tape players, and the only way to win is to show more difficult and original tricks from the others. But the best skiers in the USA, Scotland, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland are willing to included in the game.
International Mountain Film Festival in Edinburgh (Scotland), Vancouver, Montreal, Tegernzee (Germany).

09.40-10.32 – “On the trail of the fox,France, 2007, Jerome Bouvier, 52 ‘(” Sur les traces du renard “, France, 2007, Jerome Bouvier, 52’)
Searching for the best place for shooting of his film about wild foxes Fox and the Child “, the director Jerome Bouvier and a group of young researchers within the mountains of National Park Abruzzo (Italy). And there began a rare, never met before this convergence between the fox and Societe people sealed from unique footage in this film.
Several dozens of awards at prestigious competitions and festivals of documentary and popular science films.

10.32-10.52 – Wood carpet, Iran, 2008, Abdulrahman Miran, 20 ‘( “The wooden carpet”, Iran, 2008, Abdolrahman Mirani, 20’)
Poroishta and flood waters destroyed the bridge near Kermanshah mountain village, near the border with Iraq. To restore all his work in this serious and prolonged. And with most primitive means.
– Award Francois Odd “by the International Short Film Festival in Hamburg, 2009,
– International Film Festival in Ankara in 2008,
– International Film Festival in Leeds (England), 2009, – International Short Film Festival in Tehran in 2009,
– International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009,
– International Film Festival in Uppsala (Sweden), 2009,
– Festival “Black International Cinema” in Berlin in 2009

10.52-11.24 – Kaukau, Slovakia, 2008, Stanislava Baryakova, Juraj Yedinak, 32 ‘( “Kaukau”, Slovakia, 2008, Stanislava Bariakova, Juraj Jedinak, 32’)
Film narration for a cycling expedition, which crossed the Big and Small Caucasus from the Black to the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Georgia. In the settlement Kazbegi participants descend from the wheels to take the climb to the highest peak in Georgia – Kazbek. And everywhere are faced with friendly and hospitable people who are proud of their nature, history and culture.
– Second prize in film festivals “Cineama” in Bratislava (Slovakia), 2008,
– Special Jury Prize “Okem dobrodruha” Festival of Blansko (CZ), 2008,
– Participation in International Mountain Film Festival in Poprad and Bratislava (Slovakia) in 2008

11.24-11.44 – the mountains on fire, Serbia, 2007, Peter Videnov, Slavisha Milanov, Stanulov Sonya, Andriana Alexandrov, Gosha Vladimirov, 20 ‘
In 2007, fires destroyed forests and pastures in the Balkan and Vidlich. Fire disasters were caused by human negligence. The film contains a message to people to care about nature and keep it. Special diploma for the scenario of the International Festival vitez Press, Belgrade and Novi Sad, 2007

11.44-12.38 – “Ice Warriors”, Poland, 2008, Krzysztof Vielitski, Yen Wide, 54 ‘( “Lodowy wojownicy”, Polska, 2008, Krzysztow Wielicki, Jen Sheroky, 54’)
Poles are foundress of winter mountaineering in the Himalayas and the authors of the winter premieres of eight of the climb so far this season nine Eight-thousander. . Look at the successes of the first winter Everest, Kangchendzyonga, Lhotse, Cho Oyyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Annapurna and Shishapangma (from the series “Polish Himalayas).

12.38-12.59 – “The Pamir is thrown navel of the world, Bulgaria, in 2008, Gerasim Velichkov, 21 ‘
There are mountains, which is inhabited by mythical unicorns, gold-bearing ants that dig formicaries in precious metals, and between the rocks grow weeds foul odor, causing hallucinations among dared to climb in the clouds. Knot of all the mountains of Europe and Asia, bump-and-Dunja or navel of the world, according to the ancients. Why England and Russia during World War II, and explorers sent there spy missions to travelers? “The Pamir is thrown navel of the world takes you around the caves and Turfan cub, which still has remnants of Kashmir and India to the Byzantine, Persian, Chinese, and even ancient Greek culture.

13.00-14.00 – break

14.00-14.35 – Broad Peak in D-Minor, Italy, 2008, Leonardo Foti, 35 ( “Broad peak in re minore” / “Broad Peak in d-Moll”, Italy, 2008, Leonardo Foti, 35 ‘)
Step after step, stage after stage and Roberto Angelo Dzhovaneti Manny moving towards the foot of Broad Peak (8047 m) in Karakorum to the accompaniment of songs of their bearers. Not rise to the top is gradually becoming a symphony – sometimes hesitantly, sometimes violently. The music becomes an allegory of the rise, and vice versa – each chord is inhaled, each step – per tonne.
Special Prize “Miglior colonna Sonora” for director Leonardo Foti, who has composed the music for the film at film festivals in Orobiya, 2009

14.35-15.44 – Beroe, France, 2008, Gilles foot Lasablie Raphael, 69 ‘( “Berhault”, France, 2008, Gilles Chappaz, Raphael Lassabliere, 69’)
Biography movie about one of the largest French climbers – Patrick Beron, who was killed while trying to traverse the objectives Alps in 2004

15.45-16.00 – break

16.00-16.59 – “The longest” trolley “in the world, Bulgaria, 2009, Alexander Penkov, 59 ‘
Detailed narrative film about the dramatic construction of the longest “trolley” in the world between the peaks and Malyovitsa Orlovets and the first switch on it to Daniel Stefanov.

16.59-17.15 – 100-year anniversary of Ricardo Kassin, Italy, 2009, Sandro Philippines, 16 ‘
This film is not a spectacular celebration of the reportage of the 100th birthday of the legendary Ricardo Kassin, whose guests are no less grand and legendary Walter Reinhold Messner.

17.16-18.00 – “Thirst for Life, etc., Germany, 2009, Sylvia Rothe, 44 ‘(” Vital etc “, Germany, Sylvia Rothe, 2009, 44’)
Another well-known film of Sylvia Rothe Banskofilmfest last year that in 2008, showed a charming “Manuel heaven and sheep.An unusual group travels across the Swiss Alps – are suffering from multiple sclerosis at different stages. Meetings with beautiful nature place them with challenges whose existence gives meaning to overcome them and giving them powerful incentives for life. In the official selection of the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009.

18.00-18.10 – break

“Meetings at the Great Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Vaptsarov “

18.10-19.00 – meeting with John Porter a member of the festival jury, one of the strongest British mountaineers in the late 70’s and early 80’s, partner Pete Bordman, Joe Taskar, Alex McIntyre, Alan Rauz, Dick Renshou and others., until recently director of the International Mountain Film Festival at Kendall (UK) presentation is entitled “glamorous years of British mountaineering from 1976 to 1986, when an exceptionally gifted generation makes historic ascents in northeastern wall Cohen Bandaka in the Hindu Kush in southern rib of Changabang in Garhvalskite Himalayas and many others, attempting to winter climbing in west ridge of Everest, the south wall of Annapurna and the north ridge of the K-2.

19.00-19.10 – break

19.10-20.00 – meeting with participants of the expedition, which took the first Bulgarian to climb the peak of 11th in the world – Gasherbrum-1 (or Hidan peak 8068 meters) in Karakorum (Pakistan) during the summer of 2009

20.00-20.15 – break

20.15 – meeting with Alex Huber (Germany), considered the best sport climber of our time.

22.00 – Concert of the famous jazzman Nicholas Ohm – Pub Banderitsa (Bansko 2770, Khan Asparuh 2, mobile phone: 0889 623 704, phone: 0749 8 66 00, fax: 0749 8 66 01, ,,

22.00 – night film at the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N. Й. Вапцаров” Vaptsarov “

“Winter Silence”, The Netherlands, 2008, Sonia Vis, 70 ‘( “Winterstilte” / “Winter silence”, Netherlands, 2008, Sonja Wyss, 70’) feature
Man, woman and their four daughters live in a house of logs, piled snow in the village, among the deceptive quiet of the surrounding mountains. Strong faith and traditions of ancient times, put a strong imprint on their everyday life. After Unfortunately, in which the husband dies, everything changes …
– In the competition program of the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009

“In tempo, ma rubato”, Italy, 2009, Giuseppe Baresi, 52 ‘( “In tempo, ma rubato”, Italy, 2009, Giuseppe Baresi, 52’)
Portrait of Italian cellist Mario Brunello and journey with him and his music in the Sahara, the Alps and the Dolomites to the place where he lives in Castelfranco Veneto. Magnificent natural backdrop of pictures of works of world music classics alternated with moments of meetings with famous conductors – Claudio Abbado, Gustavo Dudamel, Gidion Kremer, and lesser-known artists – Vinichio kapo or Danilo Rossi. The idea for the film was born in the head director at journey in the Sahara with Mario Brunello, while listening to one of the works of Bach. In the next two years, he captures different places and situations, parts of which master film is composed.
The competition program of the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento, 2009

November 28th, Saturday

Screenings in the Ceremonial Hall of the Cultural Center “N.Vaptsarov “

09.00-09.26 – “Portrait of Joseph Psotka, Slovakia, 2008, PAVOL drum Vladimir Biskupich, 26 ‘(” Juzek Psotka “, Slovakia, 2008, Pavol Barabáš, Vladimír Biskupič, 26’)
Portrait of Joseph Psotka – one of the biggest names on the Slovak mountaineering, 18th man in the world, climbed Everest without oxygen (on October 15, 1984), the oldest climber in the world at that time with such an achievement. Film and glorious Slovak expeditions in the 70’s and 80’s of the twentieth century.
Special Award for Historical Documentary at the International Film Festival for sports outdoor Republic, 2008

09.26-09.41 – “This is Kashmir, Australia, 2009, Jack Makkauan, 15 ‘(” This is Kashmir “, Australia, 2009, Jack McCowan, 15’)
Eight instructors from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Argentina and France respond to the request of the ski clubs and went to Gulmarg (Kashmir territorial dispute which for years have India and Pakistan) to teach local children and youth. Gulmarg is the resort, which is the highest gondola in the world, and which rarely offers attractive conditions for skiing on rough terrain. “This is Kashmir”. The name of this movie is a replica of the title of the book “This is Kashmir” by Percy Jarvis (1954, “Cassell”, London).

09.41-10.36 – “Red Gold”, USA, 2008, Travis Ramal, Ben Knight, Lawrence Oaks, 55 ‘( “Red Gold”, USA, 2008, Travis Rummel, Ben Knight, Lauren Oakes, 55’)
Imagine Sokal river in Alaska, which creates the most favorable opportunities for the propagation and life of salmon, which are born each year millions of fish. Now imagine it to one of the largest mines in the world for the extraction of copper and gold. What do you choose? After 70 days in Bristol Bay, after the stories first hand, then see and feel, we fight anxiety, because this place has to be rescued by greedy encroachments” – said one of the authors of the film, Travis Ramal.
– Award of directors of the International Mountain Film Festival in Telarayd (USA) in 2008,
– The Audience Award at the International Mountain Film Festival in Telarayd (USA) in 2008,
– Award “Best cinematography” by Nyubariport Film Festival (USA), 2008,
– Prize “Best of Festival” at film festivals in Elansbarg (USA), 2008,
– The award for cinematic vision of the International Festival Kemdan, 2008,
– Best film of Conservation International Mountain Film Festival in Taos (USA), 2008,
– Audience Award from the International Mountain Film Festival in Banff (Canada), 2008,
– Prize “Big sky” of the festival “Big Sky” in Missoula (USA), 2008,,
– “Culture Award” from the “San Francisco Ocean Film Festival” in San Francisco, 2008,
– Best conservation film of International Mountain Film Festival in Vancouver in 2008

10.36-11.02 – “Heaven’s on tap doors, Czechia, 2008 / 2009, Robin Calella, 26 ‘(” Knocking on heaven’s door “, Czech Republic, 2008 / 2009, Robin Kaleta, 26’)
Many think that base jumping (skydiving from permanent objects – rocks, antennas, bridges and buildings) is among the most adrenaline human activities. Once you see this film featuring the best jumper in the world will be convinced that those early deserve. – The prize “Human Adventure” festival of freedom of flying in France
– Special Prize Icarus flying to the Festival in El Yelmo, Spain, in 2008,
– Prize “Time for adventure” in Catalan Television from the International Mountain Film Festival in Torre (Spain)
– International Mountain Film Festival in Edinburgh (Scotland), Kendall (UK), Vancouver, Montreal, Tegernzee (Germany).

11.02-11.21 – “Roots”, Switzerland, 2008, Eileen Hoffer, 19 ‘( “Racines” / “Roots”, Switzerland, 2008, Eileen Hoffer, 19’)
In a Turkish town, threatened with extinction after the building in its place a huge dam, a widower, wants to celebrate the birthday of his son, who dreams of flying like Spiderman. Same day he learned that the construction of the reservoir begins …
– The prize of 10 000 euros for “Best Film” at the International Film Festival in Las Palmas (Spain), 2009,
– The prize “Silver Gentian” by the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento for artistic merit, in 2009,
– Participation in international festivals in Palm Springs (USA), Brooklyn (USA) Valencia ( “Cinema Jove”, Spain) Huesca (Spain), Los Andzheliz (Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festiva), Locarno (Switzerland) in 2009 .

11.21-12.05 – Akopan, Germany, 2008, Jochen Shmol, 44 ‘( “Acopan”, Germany, 2008, Jochen Schmoll, 44’)
A film about climbing the vertical walls of Akopan Tepui in Venezuela – mountain plateau, surrounded by giant rock crown. In this extremely attractive and adrenaline climbing involved such masters of the big wall-and, as the Germans Glovach Stefan, Kurt Albert, Holger Hoyber Venezuelan and Ivan Calderon. Но дали те са първите, които стъпват на Акопан? But whether they were the first to tread on Akopan?

12.05-12.57 – “With the wings of your feet” Switzerland, 2006, Fulvio Mariani, 52 ‘( “Le ali al piedi” / “Wings on your feet”, Switzerlands, 2006, Fulvio Mariani, 52’)
Fulvio Mariani, John and Paolo Folkinar Tassigny dedicate this film riding a telemark-skiing in some of the most beautiful mountains on earth – in Patagonia, Lebanon, dolomite and Kashmir.
– Prize “Kamera Alpin in Gold” in the “Adventure” by the International Mountain Film Festival in Graz in 2007,
– Participation is the International Mountain Film Festival in Banff (Canada)
Kendall (England), Tegernzee (Germany) in 2007


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