Charity Bonfire Night Raises Cash For Zdravets School

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It was a spectacular fireworks display as you can see from the video. I had a wonderful time — a little piece of English tradition which has gone a long way to help Bulgarian children in need. Natasha  emailed me a short summary of the event I wrote about on Friday

“…The organisation is also far from being just us.  James at the Avalon is hugely instrumental in the event.  He also made all of the burgers, sausages and ran the BBQ.  Simon and Joy of Applebee Chalet made the burger buns and bonfire toffee, Sy and Malcolm did the fireworks, Malcolm’s children made the guy, Chalet Soltir and Chalet Rozov made the cakes and helped us run the bar and BBQ,.

Andrew Bridges looked after all of the lighting and construction of the bar,, Bower Properties, The Irish Pub, Murphy’s, and creative interiors assisted in the ticket sales. It truly is a team effort by all of the Bansko ex-pats.  The total raised so far is 1,231.58 BGN with another 100 BGN due from the municipality on Monday — and more donations are coming in.”

Thank you for perfect organisation. Hope to have the same fabulous experience next year too.

However… I am still completely baffled how the most wealthy municipality in Bulgaria has to rely on charity to provide an acceptable level of care for those most in need.  Anyone have any ideas? Do local Bulgarians who have received massive windfall cash from land sales give any of this to charity?


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