Bansko Snow Forecast: Don’t Read This!

Nov 25, 2009 2 Comments by
Bansko December 2008

Snow In March 2009: But Will It Be Like This For 12th December Opening?

With continuing very high autumn temperatures of around 19 degrees centigrade in Bansko, I felt compelled to look ahead and see if I can put myself out of misery. Read on to see when it will all change, and for the mountains to be transformed to the perfect Bansko winter playground.

Because of nearly twenty years paragliding, I like to study the weather in detail. And there’s one web site I always go to first — it’s Generally speaking, for a really big snowfall I look for low pressure frontal systems coming in from a northerly direction. I’ve just done this today. I am afraid its not good news. There are no major low pressure systems coming in for the next five days. There is a weak system passing over Bulgaria Saturday night – but I doubt it will bring very much precipitation (snow). After that, I would also guess for at least another two days there will be nothing — although temperatures look as if they may fall from their current high levels.

So as far as I would dare forecast, which is about a week ahead, there is no sign of snow. A huge shame — the Alps will be getting even more snow as the huge weather systems dumping rain in the UK make their way south. So if you’re from the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium etc expect more strong winds and rain all the way through till Sunday.

The Bansko Mountain Film Festival opened today and whilst I can’t be there, I went surfing for some more ski action movies to whet my appetite for the coming season, I found best ride movie of 2008 “Under The Influence”, by Teton Productions. Take a peek below for the incredible camera work, as well as the action.

What’s your weather prediction… which sites do you use? How do you explain local weather patterns and what are the local myths that seem to be true? Please comment below.

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    I've never seem images like these. This is one high adrenaline video. Thanks for sharing.

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