Is Todeva House Your Favourite Mehana? A Reader’s Review

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Todeva House, A Bansko Mehana

Todeva House, A Bansko Mehana

“Out of all the restaurants in Bansko Todeva House has to be one of the best. ” I have pleasure in printing a Karen Martin’s view on her and her family’s favourite Bansko mehana. This follows on from the Obetsanova mehana nightmare

“We have followed Mitko and Nadia as they had Pritsina Krutchma (probably spelt wrong) to all the people who know me and the restaurant it will always be called Pushkins after the beautiful dog who is sadly no longer with us.

We always go on our first night and also a couple more in between time depending. The best way of eating here is to get a Meze type affair its not on the menu as that. They have that many side and starter dishes that we end up just getting a load slamming them all in the middle and then its a free for all.

Karen Martin And Family, Christmas 2008

Karen Martin And Family, Christmas 2008

Items that are definitely the best.

  • The stuffed peppers (divine)
  • The chicken livers (however they cook them)
  • The potatoes with bacon and cheese.
  • The broccoli with cheese.
  • The garlic bread

The list is endless I have never been disappointed, also the saches for the main meals are one of the best in Bansko.

The beer is fantastically priced at only 2 lev for a big one and you get a fantastic selection of wine.

All in all a cracking night out. Ciao - Karen Martin”

Best Mehana

There’s no doubt that a good Mehana night in Bansko can be such fun. But it can also be a less than happy experience. The Bansko mehana scene is complex and changes from season to season. This confuses hundreds of people each year as they arrive at last year’s favourite, only to be disappointed by some opportunists from the Black Sea with high prices and poor cooking.

Please comment on your Bansko mehana experiences below .Help make a a Bansko mehana night out one to remember — for all the right reasons.

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  1. richie says:

    thanks so much for this review, we went to todeva twice it was so good… and cheap!!

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